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Good things come to those who wait
Better things come to those who don't give up
Best things come to those who BELIEVE.


So keep believing in TaeNy! ^-^

About Me

(last updated: 6-Dec-2021)

A 9-year-old SONE and a 6-months old MY ^-^/

I only read taeny, seulrene, and winrina fanfics. No angst. lol

I sometimes write, but I wouldn't consider myself an effective writer ^-^/



- I mostly read TaeNy-centric fanfics, but its fine if other ships are involved.

- I don't read TaeNySic fanfics, like when a two persons are fighting for the love of other person, in short no romance involved when these three are combined lol (sorry guys! >_<)

- My other 'secondary' ships are YoonYul and SooSic.


Shout-out to all of the amazing fanfic authors out there! I really appreciate the stories you all made, It really helps me a lot to keep myself going everyday <3 Please know that I write comments to your stories by heart ^^