The Love Bargain

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Kim Dahyun, an office employee by day and rental girlfriend by night, is hired to pretend to be the blind date of a business tycoon. What she didn't expect was to find her company's CEO, Minatozaki Sana, on the other end of the table expecting a meet-up with the woman she plans to marry. 




A Business Proposal x Rent-A-Girlfriend inspired AU 


Meet the characters: 

Kim Dahyun / Baby Doll

A debt stricken working woman making her ends meet except with a twist: she's also a rental girlfriend! Yet, how long can she hide this secret after her chance-meet with her charming boss - Sana? 

Minatozaki Sana

A headstrong, no-nonsense business tycoon who gets tangled in a web of confusion and romance, finding herself annoyingly yet irresistably drawn to it's root cause - Dahyun.


Side characters:

Im Nayeon 
Sana's equally headstrong assistant and bestfriend. 


Hirai Momo
The fashionista who started all the chaos.


Myoui Mina / Sharon 
Dahyun's senior co-worker who gets caught up in the mess unwillingly.



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