Deal #1

The Love Bargain
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Chapter 1


Rose, lavender, faint jasmine, cotton candy, lemon, aromatic peach and some other sweet fragrances filled the room as Dahyun grazed the brush over her cheeks, tinting coral. She had just checked in and got her base make-up done when Mina strutted towards her in high heels, donning her popular ‘cold beauty’ expression. She pushed her aside and leaned on the vanity to check her reflection. Perfect, as always.

“Mr. Jimmy calls for you. There’s a date.”

“Already?” Dahyun raised her brows.

“Think it a chance?” Mina, or Sharon, snatched Dahyun’s hair brush to smooth out her ponytail. “You’re ranking pretty well recently though.”

“Not enough to get a date booked at 3pm.” Dahyun narrowed her brows in confusion now. She gave herself a final touch with a bit of the weird but nice cookie scented perfume a customer had gifted her once.

There were only two types of clients at this hour – people who had just gone through a tough breakup or serial killers who planned to murder women in dark alleys during the return strolls. She hoped it was another one of the formers. Puckering her lips out after a coating of gloss, she was ready to carry out her date.

She was a rental girlfriend alright; she made people happy with her company. And you bet she was damn good at her job.



“I should get paid twice.” Nayeon slammed the files on the desk, her head throbbing. “Dealing with you is a job in itself.”

“You’re not obligated to act as my nanny.” Answered Minatozaki Sana. She pushed her reading glasses down the bridge of her nose and gave her full attention to her assistant who scoffed.

“CEO of the Kim Food Industry, ranked second most influential young entrepreneur, and owner of two of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in Seoul – Kim Sana who can’t even place a coffee order.” Nayeon placed the cup on the desk next and rubbed her temples. “Someone has to act as your nanny, even if not me.”

Sana leaned back in her comfortable chair and a smirk grew on her face. “Well I guess having you around since college served its perks. Best friend, assistant, and caretaker. I got quite the deal.”

“Oh you sicken me!” Nayeon grunted before dropping unto the couch. “There’s a meeting with Starry Night’s shareholders in thirty minutes and a blind date at five o’clock.”

It was Sana’s turn to grunt as she sipped her espresso. “Not again. It’s such a waste of my time.”

“It’s what your dad wishes for. He knows you’re so busy with your work all the time that you’ll never get the chance to find yourself a partner.”

“And I don’t even need a partner.”

“Bull. Everybody needs somebody.” Nayeon stated. She picked up the signed documents, arranging them in a neat line.

“You don’t have a somebody.” Sana raised one brow, folding her arms.

“I haven’t found a somebody. My standards are impeccable… it concerns me.” Nayeon looked genuinely worried and her helpless expression earned a chuckle from her boss.

“Unlike mine. I don’t even care who it is anymore…so, I’m going to drop the ring at the table and be done with it today.”

“You can’t be serious.” Nayeon countered, but the smug smile on Sana’s face confirmed her doubts. “You’re just going to marry whoever shows up to the date today?”

Sana shrugged. “Why not? It’s not like I’m so keen on the getting-to-know-each-other part. Dad wants me married, he’ll have me married. And once we’re done with this unproductive activity, it’s back to real work.”

“What about love?” Nayeon queried.

Sana stopped typing a formal greeting to one of the supplier letters while mentally calculating how much stock they had pre-order. She leaned back, pushing her reading glasses back on her nose and

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Chapter 4: oooo things are getting interesting ~~ thanks for updating authornim!
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Finally had the time to read this.Your stories never disappoint. Hopefully, Sana and Dahyun won’t hurt each other that much, since it seems like they’re falling for each other already. I’m excited for NaMo too 🤭 Looking forward to what will happen next. Thanks for the update!
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Chapter 4: THIS IS SO GOOD
Chapter 4: SaiDa AND NaMo! Could this fic get any better 😍
Now both Dahyun and Nayeon are in a tight spot. But I totally understand Nayeon for choosing her friend's happiness first. I just hope Sana won't feel betrayed when she finds out the truth. Momo surely gets herself in all sorts of trouble lol
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