you into me, me into you.

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Sequel to "Jealousy is a Disease."

After many years of dating, Rei and Jiwon finally got married and settled down. Now, they are expecting their first child. Their entire relationship has gone well so far with no interferences so it is supposed to go perfectly, right? That was until someone came along.


Hello everyone! As requested by @cool_tomato10, I am writing a LizRei/Couplez sequel to "Jealousy is a Disease!" Though, please keep a few things in mind.

1. This story will be taking place in an AU where the girls are not idols + they will be aged up a few years. In this story, Rei and Liz are 25, and so on! Also in this AU, men do not exist so it's an all girl's world, haha.

2. Do not take this story seriously! I do not ship idols seriously and this is just for fun! Nor is this to paint any idol in a negative light. I got the idea randomly and due to request and thought it would make a good story, so here it is! :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story!! Feel free to subscribe and please comment your thoughts! I would love any feedback I can get! :)

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