Chapter 5 : It was unimaginable! Are we meant to be?

[Layho]Can't Take My Eyes Off You
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As a cold Body fall in ground, took his last breath ; A boy woke up ,breathing heavily with a sweat all over his body. It took him a two to three minutes to calm himself From dream. That was so real, so real that a tear flow from his eyes. He thought he was actually a character if this dream. It's..... It's unimaginable! He looked his around and found himself in big dark room. When suddenly he heard the click , hinting that someone is entering in the room. "Lay~ My God! at last you woke up" A pregnant boy walk towards his direction while crying. Who is he? "Lay! How are you feeling?" Then reality hits his sense. How can he forget the CEO of Zhang and a. mafia leader! And the pregnant boy who just came to him crying hard is he's brother-in-law but more important friend and that guy behind his back is his brother Kris. Oh I mean Krease. "Lay~ How are you feeling? Is you head hurts?  Do you want me to call doctor? Are you hungry? Wanted to eat anything? Do you need anything? Why aren't you replying? " Xiumin said with puffed eyes as he was crying . He already two months lay was in comatose state. Reason? Well long story in short, Lay went with his gang in rivals area to find how rivals were stealing their drugs even after such a strick care. They found out, that their own man is doing it so with the help of there rival gang. As they all moved forward to take action they found kidnapped boys struggling to get freedom. Whose are for auction. Taking a perfect chance they attacked on them. But forgot that there are those innocent boys who don't have to do anything with this fight. It was like someone tired to shoot them but lay came in between to save that boy. As he save him he hurt himself and in mean time his gang member shoot the rival. They took immediately took him in hospital, the doctors save him but he went in comatose state. Anyhow, everyone was happy that Lay is still taking breath. But sad that they have to work under Kris. Who come first for being heartless before lay. No one knows how Baozi like boy melted his cold heart and turn his i-don't-give- face. A dragon like Kris is lost puppy when he stay with xiumin. 360 degree change. When  kris was informed about lay's condition he quicky came in Korea with xiumin as he could not take risk because the his baozi is pregnant with their child. How active daddy Kris is xiumin, huh? "Minmin Why are you crying huh? Are you sad because I woke up? *pout* I will tell my nephew that his mommy won't like it when I woke up from coma " said lay with childish voice caring xiumin as he was hugging him. "Pabo! It's not time for this! " Xiumin said in angry voice. "Don't cry, I'm here for you even if Kris is jealous as hell right now" 'This boy' Kris though. "Anyways how are you my minmin? how is my nephew? Is he is giving hard time?" “ You are the one who was sleeping for whole two months, ask your self Lay, how are you feeling? And yeah *sobbing* this little dragon is giving me hard time!" Lay smiled watching the cuteness of his brother-in-law. Well there relation is not onl
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