Chapter 4 : You're last sight, let's be together

[Layho]Can't Take My Eyes Off You
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Jun went silent and he's body becomes pale. And dry tears didn't stop flowing. He can't lose their precious. All maids came in royal's room, They felt pity on poor blind boy including Med. It's wasn't like she never saw someone getting this much cruel treatment from royal heir but seeing the boy's condition currently, her sadness knew know bounce. World can be this much cruel! But..... They have condition! They can't help him which everyone know. Or if, then the situation because like Do or Die! All in hurry took the blind boy to clean up, as the instructions of royal heir. Who doesn't like late work. They brought him back and Med checked Jun and concluded with, Jun was four weeks pregnant but he lost his child. The reason behind the miss carriage she doesn't know but predicted that due to some hard pressure on his stomach must be the reason. During trimester period , the mother has to take careful precautions . As doctor already told Jun to take more care during his trimester period not only trimester but also whom nine months. Lily's words rang in his ears. Lui Shang on the other hand when he came back; Med already told him anything before she got blame for not telling anything about brunet and tried to betrayed the royals. Why is that so? Cause its already occur with previous Med! Maid and servants even council members of royal no one can trust the royal heir. He is savier on one side and  fire causer in front of royal king. But There is no expression on his face. Like he didn't care about brunet's lose. Why should he?  Again the same question! Born In Royal ,he never suffered lose all he know is 'win'. Ordering to leave ,his eyes.... Were Looking that boy invariably with the same thirsty look! It's hard to take his eyes off from him. 'Still left' , he smirked. He jumped on him like a cheeta. And this time Jun didnt protest he let him do anything he wanted. Maybe it was his all previous life sins. That's what Junmyeon thought. And the whole night ,Jun to paid his sins . It was last long till they didn't heard the prayer of villagers. In morning when king Shang woke up he looked at the beauty next to him . An amazing night. He wish for this every day and night! He touched brunet's bare neck with his created creation but he felt something odd. It was steady, What if he must have fever but as He felt jun's body is cold. He hurriedly check his breathing. Disgusting! Blind boy was already dead! Confused? He should feel lose or disgust towards beauty. Holy! He slept the dead body. What's more disgusting than this! He hurriedly made his way to clean himself. He has to be clean and holy. Poor junmyeon took his last breath at the end of their section. It was hard for him to digest reality. First Lily his beautiful neighbour lost her life while saving him. And second The lose of their baby can't handle by jun and broke himself . And what about Xing? If he gets to know about this he surely abandoned him. He will hate... Hate him na? He is unworthy, disgusting and used, no one loves him. King Shang called his guards and ask them to take care of his body means bury him. But he still missed the latter's body. He never felt that comfort how he did last night. Anyways there are more in future he is not the only one he ed . Yixing woke up with a slap on his face and saw king a
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