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Minjeong tries not to stay in one place for too long. She never had a reason to, and maybe it was a way to cope with the fact that she never felt like she belonged. 


She doesn’t even remember a point in her life where she felt like she had anyone she could rely on, and Minjeong felt like it was best to not get so attached to people to save herself from anymore disappointment. 


Minjeong had a family. 


She doesn’t remember much about her father, but her older brother, Jonghyun, told her that they had a pretty good father figure in their life, until he passed. Minjeong doesn’t even remember what his voice sounded like, and the only recollection of her father’s face was from that one picture that she kept tucked in her wallet. 


Her mother took it hard when their father had passed. She became a drug addict, ran away with different men, and only returned home when those relationships went to bust. 


Jonghyun had raised her for a majority of Minjeong’s life due to their lack of parents. They used to live in a trailer community because that’s all that they could afford then. Jonghyun had been working two jobs while Minjeong was pushing through her sophomore year of high school. 


Then, Minjeong was alone. 


Jonghyun left to pursue his music career, running off to London with his buddies to form a band. There was no sustenance with his plans. It was impulsive and had no guarantee for success. And yet, Minjeong was abandoned by the last person she could rely on, just as easily as their mother had done to them. 


Minjeong wasn’t mad at her brother for wanting to chase his dreams. With everything that’s happened to them, all the things they’ve endured, Minjeong understood the need to leave this life and finally do something for himself. 


And that’s exactly what Minjeong had been doing. 


It’s hard to do. Moving from place to place to start a new life. Especially when she was still a minor. 


New York wasn’t exactly somewhere Minjeong had planned to go. It wasn’t an ideal lifestyle with her financial state, but she had happened to run into one of Jonghyun’s childhood friends before she had left Boston. 


Minho was much more successful than her brother was. He was a software engineer at this point of his life, and very successful. Minjeong doesn’t know him too well, but she was familiar with him from when she was younger. 


He offered her a job. 


Minjeong doesn’t think it’s a real job, and that he just took pity on her after finding out that she was completely alone and abandoned. She had to beg him not to turn her in to Child Protective Services for being an abandoned minor. 


Minho convinced her to move to New York. He told her to live in his New York home while he was off to Japan for three years for a tech project. Minjeong was basically getting paid to house sit, while her brother’s rich friend went off to another continent. 


It was quite unnecessary of Minho to do this for her. He even helped her enroll into a school, before he had left, which she appreciated very much. 


“This house is huge!” 


Minjeong plopped herself onto the long leather couch, blankly staring at Ning Ning who looked around the mansion in awe. 


“Who is this man?” Ning Ning squinted at a photo, taking the frame from one of the shelves. “Is he your brother?” 


Minjeong snorts, “no. My brother is not as successful and good looking as Minho.” 


Ning Ning put the frame back on the shelf, twirling around to join Minjeong on the couch. “So who is he?” 


“Minho?” Minjeong blinks, “this is his house. I’m house sitting while he’s in Japan for work.” 


“I meant, who is he to you?”


Minjeong pauses, “a familiar…stranger.” 


Ning Ning hums, “that’s why you moved to New York? And after he comes back you’ll move again?” 


Minjeong shrugs, “don’t know. He’ll be in Japan for three years.” 


“You should stay in New York.” 


Chuckling, Minjeong turns her head and raises a brow. “I’ve been to many places and haven’t stayed in one spot for more than a few months. What’s so special about New York?” 


“New York has me.” Ning Ning grins, “and Jimin.” 


Minjeong rolls her eyes, “you’re really committed to this wingwoman job she gave you, huh?” 


“Of course.” The younger woman nods firmly, “I take this position very seriously. Especially if I can be the cause of a new blooming romance.” Ning Ning clasps her hands together, staring off into wonderment. 


“Not going to happen.” 


Ning Ning scoffs, melting into the couch with a pout. “I still don’t understand. You like her, she likes you, but you’re not giving her a chance?” 


“I’ve never said I like Jimin like that.” 


“Please,” Ning Ning rolls her eyes, “you don’t even have to say it, Miss-in-denial.” 


“You’re very creative with nicknames.” Minjeong says sarcastically. 


“It should be stamped on your forehead.” 


Minjeong sighs, “if you’re hanging out here, I don’t want another peep about Yu Jimin, okay?” She squints her eyes towards the younger woman in warning, “now, come on. Let’s make more bead jewelry.” 


Ning Ning snorts, “I may have said you were cool once, but you’re actually quite the dork.” 


“Making bead jewelry is a cool hobby.” Minjeong defends herself. 


“It’s an adorable hobby.” Ning Ning reaches over to pinch Minjeong’s cheeks. “Jimin will absolutely swoon seeing you gush about these tiny beads.” 


Minjeong slaps Ning Ning’s hands away, “what did I just say? One more mention of her name, I’m kicking you outta here. No bead jewelry making for you.” 


Ning Ning raises her hand in surrender, “okay, okay. I’ll zip it.”


The silence lasts about ten seconds, only the rustling of the beads in the containers could be heard. Minjeong could feel Ning Ning’s gaze burning through her head, before the younger woman leaned in to whisper softly. 


“You know the fact that you refuse to talk about her just proves how in denial you are.” 


“That’s it.” Minjeong sighs, “no bead jewelry making for you. You’re banished from this house.” 


“No—,” Ning Ning immediately clamps her hand over , “I’m done, I promise!” 




Aeri bites her thumb nervously as she watches Jimin pla

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Chapter 11: I love this story so much, even if it’s slow I love the progress they’re making with each other
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Chapter 11: ahhh this chapter is actually so good. we can see the siblings actually slowly building their relationship back up and oh my Jimin and Minjeong are so adorable. still kinda feel bad for Jimin, but I have high hopes that she’ll survive and have the rest of her life loving and being loved by Minjeong (fingers cross)
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