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“Yu Jimin, you shouldn’t be running so much!” 


Aeri chases after a giggling Jimin, groaning to herself when her friend starts to climb the bleachers of the football stadium. 


“Says the person who’s chasing after me!” Jimin yells out to her, grinning widely, as she stops once she reaches the top of the bleachers, heaving heavily with her hands on her knees. 


“I’m chasing you, so I can stop you from running, you !” 


Aeri grunts, forcing herself to walk up the bleachers to reach her friend. “I swear to god, Yu Jimin.” She curses out loud, panting heavily. 


Jimin laughs faintly, breathing growing shallower. She places her hand on her chest, before sitting herself down onto the steps, trying to regain her breathing. 


She doesn’t notice when Aeri reaches her, and she’s surprised just how fast Aeri had climbed those steps, but the hurried clutter on the cement grows louder in her ear, and Jimin assumes the latter had started to run towards her upon seeing just how hard it was for Jimin to breathe. 


Jimin tries hard to focus her blurry vision onto a very concerned Aeri, “I’m fine. I just need time to catch my breath.” She chuckles uneasily, rubbing her palm against her chest. 


“Why do you do this to yourself? You know you’re not supposed to strain your heart like that.” Aeri clicks her tongue, rubbing her friend’s knee in comfort, seeing that she couldn’t really do much for her. 


When Jimin finally gets her heart to calm down, she pouts at her friend. “But that makes life so boring. I can suffer for a couple of minutes just to have some fun.” 


Aeri looks at her pointedly, “not when it puts your life in danger.” 


Jimin rolls her eyes, “don’t be dramatic.” 


She stands up to start walking down the bleachers, and Aeri scoffs, following after her in a hurry. “I am not being dramatic, Yu Jimin, and you ing know it.” 


Jimin only smiles, continuing to make her way across the football field. 


Aeri clutches onto Jimin’s arm, stopping her abruptly. “Stop being reckless. Please, Jimin. You need to take care of yourself. You have no idea how much I ing worry when I’m not there to make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger like that.” 


A frown graces Jimin’s lips, “I’m not. The things I do are normal. I can run. I can join the swim team. I can—,” Aeri heaves a frustrated sigh, “you can’t do those things. Those tasks are not normal for you to do because those are the things that can kill you.” 


“It’s not fair!” Jimin pulls her arm away from her friend’s grasp, “I want to live! I want to do things that I enjoy. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being afraid to do the things that I want because it will kill me.” She starts to pant again, maybe out of anger, or maybe because her heart was constricting unbearably once again. 


Jimin clutches onto her chest, “that’s not living, Aeri. I’m not going to be afraid anymore. I want to live.” 


Aeri sighs, eyes softening at her best friend. “Jimin..” 


The latter smiles, huffing out a shallow breath, before reaching for Aeri. She hugs her tight, “you should start living too, Aeri. Stop worrying about me so much, okay? I can take care of myself.” 


“I’m always going to worry.” Aeri mumbles against her shoulder, and the latter feels the growing pout against her skin. 


Jimin smiles, “I know.” 




Jimin had decided to hide her sickness from everyone, not including her parents and her best friend, of course. 


She wasn’t ashamed of it, who would shame her for something like that anyway? Jimin just didn’t want the pity. She didn’t want to be coddled by the people around her. It seemed like such a sad way to live when everyone looks at you with so much sadness because all they see when they look at you is your sickness. 


Jimin didn’t want that. 


If she were to die at any second, Jimin wants to remember her life as one that brought her great joy and adventures. 


“Hey, excuse me.” A soft tap on her shoulder blinks Jimin out of her thoughts. She turns around, closing her locker, before she’s met with a confused blonde looking at her with doe eyes. 


“Hi,” Jimin says almost breathlessly. 


She’s not one to use her heart condition as an excuse for anything, but it was either that, or the girl in front of her was that beautiful, it took Jimin’s breath away. 


“Could you direct me to where the choir room is, please? The campus is sort of… confusing.” The girl sheepishly says, scratching her head oh so cutely. 


Jimin doesn’t bother to hide her fond smile, “of course. Follow me.” 


They fall into a comfortable stroll, side by side, as Jimin leads them where the choir room was. She takes her time, maybe even going the long route just to bide some time and get to know this unfamiliar, yet beautiful girl. 


“New to the city?” Jimin asks, glancing at the blonde. 


“Yeah,” she smiles politely, “moved here two weeks ago from Boston.” 


“Ah, Boston.” Jimin nodded, and the way she presented herself gave the blonde the impression that Jimin was very familiar with the city. 


“You’ve been?” 


She turns to meet the bright beam of the girl’s eyes, and Jimin blinks. “No…” she sheepishly says, now she was the one scratching her head awkwardly. 


Jimin’s dorkiness seemed to have made the blonde laugh, so the embarrassment she felt was close to nothing, rather feeling proud of herself for making the latter laugh. 


Jimin grins, a skip to her steps. She walks ahead, turning around to face the blonde, now walking backwards. “I’m Jimin by the way. Yu Jimin.” 


“Minjeong.” The blonde says, and when Jimin raises her brows to encourage her to continue, she laughs again, “Kim.” She blushes at the intensity of Jimin’s gaze, “Kim Minjeong.” She repeats. 


“Kim Minjeong.” Jimin echoes, smiling in satisfaction upon learning her name. 


“So,” Minjeong looks around, “are we going the right way? We’ve been walking for a while now, and I don’t think the campus is that big for the choir room to be that far.” 


Jimin hums, “you’re right.” She nods, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her jacket, “we passed by it a minute ago…. For the second time.” 


Minjeong pauses, turning around to see where they had just walked from. “Really? And you didn’t say anything?” She shakes her head, “Yu Jimin, you are a bad tour guide.” 


Jimin raises a finger, “see, I disagree.” 


Minjeong’s brows bounce in amusement, crossing her arms over her chest. Jimin grins, taking a step closer, “I’ve made you laugh a good amount of times, so I’d like to assume that you’re having a great time in my company.”


“You’ve made me late to class. On my first day.” Minjeong points out to counter her claim. 


“See,” Jimin purses her lips, her finger pointing to her chin as she sports a look of deep thought. “It’s all about perspective, Kim Minjeong. Yours is called negative thinking.” 


Minjeong scoffs, suppressing her smile. 


“In my perspective, I’d like to think I saved you some time away from Mr. Green’s wrath, and in the company of someone so great.” Jimin wears a cheeky grin, eyebrows bouncing mischievously, “that is called positive thinking.” Jimin nods smugly, “I am quite the optimist, Kim Minjeong.” 


“Optimistic? Or cocky?” Minjeong challenges with no malice in her voice, sounding light and playful. 


Jimin clicks her tongue, shaking her head in faux disappointment. “See, Kim Minjeong, there goes the negative thinking again. And I refuse to be called anything that has a male’s body part in it.” 


“Is that your way of telling people you’re gay?” Minjeong snorts. 


“Why?” Jimin smirks, “interested?” 


Minjeong chuckles, ignoring her flirty antics. “I guess I’ll have to find the choir room myself. Your tour guide skills will make me miss the whole class.” 


Jimin scoffs, arms open wide in the air as she watches the blonde walk away. “Yeah, but with my great company!” She shouts after her as the distance grows between them. 


“It wasn’t that great.” Minjeong retorts with a grin kept to herself. She doesn’t bother looking back to know that Jimin was watching her walk away, sporting her own cheeky grin. 


“Yu Jimin! Get to class!” 


Jimin turns her head to see a stern look from the principal. 


“Hey, Mrs. Clark.” She greets brightly. 


“Jimin,” she taps her foot on the floor, arms crossed and impatient. 


“Okay, okay. Just let me watch the pretty girl walk away.” She points to Minjeong, who evidently hears her because Jimin sees her turn her head slightly, a blush tainting her cheeks, as her shoulders shook from a quiet giggle. 


“Class. Now.” 




Aeri watches her best friend glue her eyes towards the cafeteria entrance. Jimin munches on a carrot, not having uttered a single word ever since they’ve sat at their usual table. 


“Dude,” Aeri throws a grape at Jimin’s face, and it hits her square on the nose, “what’s wrong with you? Are you looking for someone?” She turns to look at where Jimin’s eyes had previously pointed to. 


“I’m waiting for the new girl. Kim Minjeong.” Jimin says, picking up the grape that had landed on her plate, throwing it up in the air and catching it in . 


“Why?” Aeri questions, struggling to open her carton of chocolate milk. 


“Because she’s cute,” Jimin smiles, “and she thinks I’m great company.” She puts emphasis on the word with secret meaning. 


The latter eyes her suspiciously, “well, that’s new.” 




Aeri motions her fork towards Jimin, shrugging, “you. Being all… interested in girls.” 



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