They probably should pay those Dispatch agent some worth visit, or just give them some money for their checkup to Ophthalmologist. Really for them to mistaken him as a woman is so bizzare, tough he also could not really blame them, he's quite pretty if he say about himslef.


They didn't expect that their simple, little outing become such a huge scandal because of those Dispack agent. honestly at first their agency want to cleaned it up as soon as possible but after they explain to them what exatly happened, they just leave it and pick this opportunity to promote their product instead of open a press conference.

while the higher ups laughing their off, the one who's actually panicked at their alsmot tarnished name is their beloved manager. even Lee Sooman just waved his hand and said 'let's solve this later, it's really a rare opportunity' he said.

so in the end, they end up trolling their fans and antis at social media.


Honestly what the hell is wrong with this group.

I write this 2 years ago and decided to publish it now. ah.
if you're interested you also can found me at Ao3 with same name .
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