Ecstasy: Writing Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED!]
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Participants can choose from the Lyrics Prompts as follows:

1. "Now that we're friends
Every man's got his patience
And here's where mine ends"
— I Want Your , George Michael 

2. "What do I have to do to let you know how I feel? Thinking of you drives me crazy"
— Day 1, K.will


3. "i wanna line my walls with photographs you sent, of you lying in your swimsuit on the bed
Feel your lips crush, Hold you here, my loveliest friend" 
— Crush, Cigarettes After


4. "i'm selfish, i know, but i don't ever want to see you with him
I hope you can see, the shape I've been in
While he's touching your skin
This thing upon me, howls like a beast"
— Woman, Harry Styles


5. "My mind is growing violent, my love is growing higher
Dive without looking ahead, love is blind" 
— Ringa Ringa Ring, EXO-CBX


6. "Religion's in your lips, even if it's a false god, we'd still worship this love"
— False God, Taylor Swift


7. "I give in to sin because I like to practice what I preach"
— Strangelove, Depeche Mode


8. "I think he knows he'd better lock it down or i won't stick around
he's so obsessed with me and boy i understand" 
— I think he knows, Taylor Swift


9. "I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure"
— Pillowtalk, Zayn


10. "Something gave you the nerve to touch my hand"
— It's nice to have a friend, Taylor Swift


11. "i’m too tired to be tough, just wanna be loved by you"
— DEFENCELESS, Louis Tomlinson 


12. "when i hold you close to me, i could always see a house by the ocean" 
— Falling in love, Cigarettes After


13. "We'll play Nintendo
Though I always lose
'Cause you'll watch the TV
While I'm watching you"
— Nothing, Bruno Major


14. "Falling asleep as our lips softly meet
You'll always be sleeping by me
I'll be the first thing you see"
— the first thing you see, Bruno Major 


15. "Love can make you lose everything
But I'm giving all I got"
— All I got, Baekhun


16. "Said, you just don't know how beautiful you are
And baby that'

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Chapter 27: Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for hosting this contest :)
Beau1996 1271 streak #2
Chapter 6: Kudos for finding and using a George Michael's song!
Beau1996 1271 streak #3
Chapter 5: Hating IS exhausting!!
Chapter 27: congrats to the winners!! and big big thanks to both of you for hosting this contest - which was such a great way to keep the tags alive!!! and im looking forward for more contest from you guys in the future hehe (as a push for me to write more xD)
also thank u nuna for picking me as your choice heheh

happy new year!!!! 💗
Chapter 27: omgggg i just knew about this TT_TT thank you so much for the recognition, it has been such a fun time for me in writing the story! since this is my first exo x oc story i definitely had a lot of uncertainties while writing this but the prompts gave me so much space to work on!! i am sooooo glad that you guys love it and definitely will join another contest if you guys are planning it any soon (and when im available from my hectic work haha) but once again thank you so much for having me and having this contest!!
Chapter 27: Wahhh congrats to the winners! I had a lot of fun writing my own entry as well as reading some others’ so thank you so much for hosting this contest!
Happy New Year everyone ❤️❤️
Chapter 27: Happy New Year to Everyone 🎉🎊🎉

Congratulations to those you won and to everyone who entered. I think it is a great thing to want to get some excitement going here again. I can not imagine not coming here everyday and not seeing an update or a comment or a blog from those I have grown to know and like here. I 💖 you guys!
Chapter 27: Happy New Year, guys 🥳🥰❤
First of all, congrats to all the winners and all the entries!!
And omg, i can't believe that my very first oneshot won something here hahaha i honestly didn't expect that 💕 thank you so much for hosting this writing contest! I had so much fun plotting and coming up with a suitable short fic for the contest theme since it's my first time writing something as short as that hehe.
I hope you had fun reading and judging my oneshot :D
Chapter 27: Congrats to winners!
I'm so happy for Nina! *stands up and claps*
*pathetic me who hasn't found the time to read the stories in this contest*
Happy new year, twins!😘