Dreams and Memories

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My life has always been different from the people around me. I'm special as to what my mom and dad always said. I don't feel special, I feel normal but what is normal exactly? 

Since I was a child, I had to supress myself and hid among my neighbours and schoolmates, living like them while carefully being in the shadows and not attract unnecessary attention to myself. I had to avoid any mishaps and misconceptions from the people, to be ordinary. 

As a child, it was weird why I had to hide but as I grew, I knew why

Cause I am something else. I am not normal. 

The older I got, the harder it got

It was getting harder to supress, until I couldn't hold it in and exploded - figuratively and literally

That day leads to another catastrophe with danger and it was the most confusing and saddest day of my life

There was no one I could ask and look up to, I couldn't even ask more from my mom cause she's normal. 

Until one day, a suspicious looking letter came to our doormail and claimed that I am accepted to an academy I've never applied, Enchanted Academy for the Mythicals

Say what? 







New life in a new world. Met new friends and on top of that I also met some good looking seniors which one of them made me feel a lot of things I never would had imagine having that feelings towards a person. 

And what else?

Oh yes, since I came here I dream a lot and life is full of surprises










Hello~ I'm going write a new story and once more, it's a Baekhyun x Oc story cause I can't help myself with him 🙈The rest of Exo will be featured in the story as well as other kpop idols names that I'm gonna be using 🤭. I don't own any names, only using them as my inspiration. 

I'm sorry for any spelling, grammatical or sentences error throughout the story 😅 english is not my first language 🙈 This story is purely from my imagination, any similarities or some sort of it from outside (other stories) is purely coincidental 😊


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The next update for D&M will be a while later in the month. Slowly in the making 😊


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Babyrosie #1
Chapter 16: Happy belated birthday! I’m a July baby too🤩 Btw loveee the chapter but i cant wait for the moment where all ahri’s dream make sensee
springrose #2
Chapter 16: Ahri and baekhyun are so cute together ajvsajsbsjsk

And happy belated birthday love!
byunieee #3
Chapter 16: Happy belated birthday to you~ thanks for the fluffy chapter too, love how they close to each other, hope to see their fluff soon too in the next chap
Chapter 16: Ohh thanks for the double update this week and this update was so what can I say they were so lovey-dovey here. I can't stop smiling while reading this. 💞 And Happy Birthday sis hope you will have lots n lots of fun. Enjoy!!! ❤
786 streak #5
Chapter 15: This was such a good chapter, I really enjoyed it. I’m curious to know about the bad blood between Baekhyun and Seungwan, and what (or who) Seungwoo took from him. Their kisses were electric and I am so happy they are a real couple now. Can’t wait to see what lay ahead for them and their friends.
Chapter 15: Ahh it has been while since I read this and I'm so happy that they got together now ❤ Wow they are so adorable together but I'm curious as why Baekhyun hates Seoungwoo.
byunieee #7
Chapter 15: I'm dying~ i love this chapter so much, the rollercoster emotion is making me smiling till the end of chapter, how they really taking a step to make their relationship to another level, and i guess i just know that baek is the white hair boy in ahri dreams, looooooveeee this chapter so much, thanks for the amazing update ♥️
springrose #8
Chapter 15: ohh now why baekhyun hates seoungwoo guts...
786 streak #9
Chapter 14: It looks like Ahri knew the boys as a small child. Her latest dream seems to have started off with Chen and maybe ended with Kyungsoo? I wonder if she is actually related to any of them? Looking forward to more clues.
byunieee #10
Chapter 14: Is ahri is jongdae and jongin little sister ??? I hope ahri meet jongdae's mother, and is kinda sad that baekhyun dont appear T.T, hope to finally see you update again soon ♥️