The Dark Hooded Thief

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Sometimes we don't get that opportunity to choose who to meet in our life. Life is there, giving us what they want for us - letting us go through everything and meeting all sorts of people. Well, I do meet them and sometimes I get very curious, especially to this bizarre, strange, weird, hooded man. He's mysterious, he's dark, he likes the dark, loves to glare, he has a powerful aura,

And he said he wants to kill me




I'm scared, of course I fear death

But I can't ignore the urge to be drawn into his eyes and simply just him









Exams are finished and the next big thing is graduation but hold up! Yup, I forgot....there's a ball coming up too. The Senior Ball....

It's nothing important I swear, it's just a night where seniors get to celebrate and relaxing after stressing about all the studying. It's a one night ball and what makes it a bit different is the guests. At least one royal family is going to attend the ball....and I don't really care. Well, maybe a bit but not that much. Other nobles are also invited by my academy too, so to say that the senior ball is not an informal one. It's somehow a semi-formal ones, if that makes sense. Anyways, there will be drinks, food and dance. It's just that we have to be in our best behaviour. 

"Just don't glare too much, alright Soo" I nudge my elbow at his side. My best friend turns to me with his infamous glare that can burn a whole house down with his gaze. I shoulder cower away but no...I smile, giving my sweetest smile at him but he only scoffs before walking away. Keeping up with his steps, I run a bit and latch my arm around his. He lets me, his face expressionless. 

"And you" He then turns his head to me, "Don't be annoying. If the King sees you being a baby, I'm going to turn away and claim I don't know you"

I scoff at his words, "I'm not annoying," He looks upfront again. "And I'm not a baby! You're the one who's a meanie" I huff before I let go of his arm. He raises his eyebrows, seeing me tighten the rope of my small satchel around my waist and rearranging my everyday cloak I am wearing. "Well, I'm going. If  I continue to be with you, you'll just complain about my presence" I inform sarcastically, having a small smirk up my lips. 

"Where're you going" 

I remove my smirk to smile gently at him, "Your heart"

It takes three seconds of him deadpanning at me before he scrowl, scoffing and pushing my forehead with his index finger. I burst out laughing at his face. I shake my head, "Nah, I'm going to town for a bit. There's that new bookstore I want to see and maybe going to a bakery afterwards"

"For strawberry puff?" 

I nod, winking cheekily "Yes sir, you know me well"

He snorts, pulling the hood over my head playfully. "You and your puff"

I giggle, swatting his hand away before waving at him. "Bye Soo! See you at dinner!" 








This story originally supposed to be a short oneshot but ended up longer hehe~ The hero is going to be Baekhyun! cause I'm a er for him, I love him so much ❤️

🙏Updates won't be fast but I will find time🙏🥰

Some of the exo members will appear in the story, though, they won't appear as frequent as the main. All of the names I used are purely for inspiration for the story! This is all purely fictional 😄

The time period for this story is before advanced technology existed; no smartphones, no internet, no chatting app whatsoever. The styling outfits are from way back to the old period and basically the whole Kingdom au style~☺️


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but most importantly, hope you'll enjoy the story ❤️☺️ 





Finally posted the two last chapters of The Dark Hooded Thief! ❤️🍁 So sorry for all the wait but hope you'll enjoy 😊


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AiiSoo #1
Chapter 16: Aww.. What a sweet and loving couple they’ve become. Thank you for finishing this story. I love the friendship and newfound love presented in this story. And a probable new couple; Kyungsoo and Hyein. Kudos to Junhee for drsgging Kyungsoo out to buy his attire for the ball and the cute grey bow tie.
I’m glad that there seems to be no loose ends. Baekhyun got to meet his family. Although his relationship with his father remain ambiguous, at least it seemed like the brothers had reconciled. And I believe Junhee’s circle of friends will remain knit-tight even after they graduated. I’d like to believe that Junhee and Baekhyun will marry pretty soon after she graduated. They’ve already live like a married couple, might as well just get married for real.
Thanks for ending this story on a good note..! You’ve worked hard in writing this and might have spent a lot of time on it. I really appreciate it.
Chapter 16: This was such a nice ride. I really enjoyed reading this and I'm happy about Baekhyun that he got to reconcile with king and crown prince. And finally Baekhyun and Junhee got their happy ending that they deserved.
786 streak #3
Chapter 16: I really enjoyed the ending, thank you so much for taking us on this journey with Baekhyun and Junhee. It’s good that Baekhyun is on the way to reconciling with the King and Daehyun, as well as getting used to socializing again. The future looks bright for everyone.
Nlnz2016 #4
Chapter 16: Thanks for updating. So happy that they got a beautiful life to look forward to.
16 streak #5
Chapter 16: Oh my sweet couple, they finally got their happy ending
AiiSoo #6
Chapter 14: Chapter 14: They friendship is so sweet. I’m glad that Baekhyun understands that Junhee and Kyungsoo are more like siblings. I doubt if Jongdae is Junhee’s boyfriend, he won’t be jealous of the closeness of Junhee and Kyungsoo. So it’s very fortunate that Junhee has Kyungsoo as her best friend and Baekhyun as her boyfriend. I hope Baekhyun can adjust well in society. I’m sure that Mr. and Mrs. Do are nice people.
Thank you for this update..! It was nice to read the heart-to-heart talk between Junhee and Kyungsoo.
Chapter 14: I logged in to see if the story had been updated and look what I saw! 😭 I'm sooooo happy. I will read it as soon as I am free. 🥺
byunieee #8
Chapter 14: Nooo, dont feel bad, cause you have a life too i'm already thankfull that you continue this story
What baekhyun see in the alley ??? Kyungsoo is just a dependable brother to junhee
786 streak #9
Chapter 14: I really enjoyed the quality time between Junhee and Kyungsoo, they have such a sweet friendship. Thank you for the update, looking forward to the ball.
Chapter 14: I love junhee and kyungsoo's friendship.. we all need kyungsoo in our life!!