Love beyond war

Date: 13/10/1937

Dear diary

Almost half a year has passed since Chaehyun had come to the camp. Every day has been the same routine of following her around. Every now and then we have been sneaking out of the camp to our special hideout to just be ourselves without worrying about anyone.

Jahoon: The coast is clear. Let's go.

I grabbed Chaehyun's hand and walked outside of the tent. When we were near an exit, suddenly a guard passed by. I pulled Chaehyun into a small space between two buildings and covered as I watched the guard walk past without noticing us. We then successfully made our way out and to her home where her mother was still surprisingly up even though it was pretty late at night.

Chaehyun's mom: Chaehyun! My dear daughter! What are you doing here? Didn't they take you to that American camp?

Chaehyun and I looked at each other. Chaehyun walked over to get mother and grabbed her hand dearly.

Chaehyun: I am, mother but….

Chaehyun glanced towards me with a small smile before turning back to her mother.

Chaehyun: But because they don't know about Jahoon and I relationship and since it is too dangerous for us to just be with each other in the camp, we have been sneaking out for a while now and been meeting up in the secret cave that you had been with dad at the time your parents were against you two meeting up.

Chaehyun's mom: Then why didn't you tell me that you guys were here? Then I could make something for you guys and be on the lookout for you.

Chaehyun: Mom. Every time we come out it is already really late and we don't want to disturb your sleep, that is why we didn't tell you, and also, why aren't you in bed right now mom?

Chaehyun's mom: I couldn't, my dear. I missed you so much and was worried about you but it seems like I don't have to be that worried anymore knowing that your sweet girlfriend is with you.

Chaehyun: Mom! Chaehyun's mom: But aren't I right? Alright alright. You guys better hurry down to the cave and enjoy your time together instead of wasting the time talking with an old person like me.

Chaehyun's mom grabbed our hands and dragged us towards the entrance to the hallway to the cave. We gave a tight hug before we got down to the cave. We sat on the sofa there and just snuggled up against each other.

Jahoon: Your mom is really sweet and caring. She seems to have been really worried about you.

Chaehyun: Yeah, she is but she has already been like that since I was born. It was because I was finally born after a lot of miscarriages, that she and my dad treasured me a lot. Also since I'm their only child.

Jahoon: Speaking of your dad, where is he? I haven't seen him ever since I visited you at the store for the first time.

Suddenly Chaehyun grew silent, making me worried that I said something that I shouldn't have.

Jahoon: I'm sorry if-

Chaehyun: No, you don't have to be sorry. You deserve to know after all. My father… At the beginning of the war, before you guys came, the Japanese had been attacking our city once. At that time my dad wanted to protect us and pushed me and my mom towards this exact cave while he fought against them trying to hold them back so that they couldn't do anything to us. My mom and I waited for her for a long while and got out when we thought it was safe and then we found out that dad had been killed by them.

I gritted my teeth as I listened to her. This was what I hated about the war. Innocent people's lives have been taken away because of some old greedy fools. My grip around Chaehyun must have been a little tight as she placed a hand on my chest.

Chaehyun: It isn't your fault Jahoon. You couldn't have prevented it.

Jahoon: But still… I still think that I’m a part of your father's death. I’m a part of the war after all and if the war hasn’t been there then your father would be still living.

Chaehyun: But that also means that I won’t be meeting you then. If the war didn’t happen then you would still be in the US and we would never be together like this.

Chaehyun moved a bit away and hovered over me. Her face was just a few inches away from mine. Her hot breath was hitting my face and making me unconsciously look down on her lips.

Chaehyun: And I don’t think that I would be happy if that were the case.

Chaehyun leaned forward, making our lips connect. Chaehyun wrapped her arms around my neck as she pulled me closer into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her waist and could feel my thoughts beginning to cloud. We moved a bit away from each other when the air became the problem. I turned us around so that I was on the top before leaning back into a kiss, which evolved to us showing each other how much love we had.











Date: 13/11/1937

Dear diary

The day that I had feared had finally come. Today, Chaehyun and I were walking around in the city to get some stuff for Chaehyun’s work when suddenly we bumped into the GOTA. She stood in front of us and stared down at our interviewed hands.

GOTA: Well well. Seems like my suspicions were right. All the time, you have been with a girl from the opposite side. You have decided to be a traitor, instead of a friend and for that, you should be punished for it. Capture colonel Park and take the other girl to torture!

I grabbed Chaehyun by the wrist and pulled her behind me as I took out my gun to point at the soldiers that were moving closer to us by the minute. The citizens who had been outside just a minute ago had now quickly run inside after the sight of us fighting.

Chaehyun: Jahoon…

Jahoon: Don’t worry. I have told you before. I won’t let anything happen to you. I won’t let anyone take you away from me.

I shoot the at the ground when they became to come too close to me. They sprang back and glanced at each other for a moment, judging if they should move forward.

GOTA: What are you guys doing? If you guys aren’t capturing them then you guys will be labeled as traitors too! I will get you punished!

The soldiers quickly began moving again when they heard the threat. I pushed Chaehyun away from me.

Jahoon: Run! Hide! I will push them back so you can run to safety!

Chaehyun: But what about you Jahoon?! I can’t leave you alone here! What if something happens to you?!

I punched one of the soldiers, who had managed to come pretty close to me. I shoot towards the soldiers for them to back up and give Chaehyun some more time.

Jahoon: Don’t worry about me! I will be fine!

???: Come Chaehyun! Let’s go!

I glanced over my shoulder to see someone in all black and with their face covered grabbing Chaehyun by her wrist. Chaehyun looked at me with worry and tried to fight back the stranger. I shook my head and mouthed for her to follow because I already knew who it was. Chaehyun looked at me with much sorrow and mouthed “I love you” before she ran away with the black figure. I fought my part but in the end, I couldn’t win over them and I was captured. They harshly pulled my arms behind my back and put on handcuffs on me. I was harshly pushed so that I was on the ground and I could feel them step on me to try and stop me from running away. I looked in the direction that Chaehyun had run away. Hopefully, she would be safe.

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