Jeju-do Midnight Attack

Love War: 3015

Julian's POV:

I got to Jeju-do Island at around 12 a.m. our camp was located south east from where I left my jet ski. I slipped back into my quarters quietly. Sky was already sleeping or so I thought because she was waiting for me as soon as I got inside of our tent she switched the lights on.

"Where have you been? I had to tell Hyunri's Palace Aides that you escaped and you were probably in the area." She said a little breathlessly. 

"Sky, relax. I only scouted the island for Enemy ships." I lied to her.

Her face has softened as soon as she heard me say this. 

"You didn't defect your men?" She asked me.

"No, I didn't. While you were busy fighting at the south side of the Island, I was patrolling the north side of the island." I said to her lying. 

"We were almost surrounded today, how could you be on patrol then? I know you're lying." She said and paused. 

I sighed and realized I need to apologize to her. 

"I'm sorry Sky. Yes, I was not on Patrol. I came to the President's Palace to kill Emperor Yamazawa." I admitted to Sky.

Sky goes out of the tent and sits by the camp fire, I went ahead and followed her. 

"Sky, I'm sorry." I said to her. 

"Don't say you're sorry we sank twenty ships with out you. We fought hard today and finished off thousands of Chinese Army men, all coming from every face of the island we are at right now." She said as she looked over the horizon. 

"Sky, please understand that I needed to see Hyunri." I said to her.

"I understand Julian, I really do. I can't blame you, because your heart is with the president. When are you leaving for good? It's only a matter of time Julian." Sky said. 

"We will be eloping next Friday. Sky, I want to leave the command to you." I said to her. 

"Julian, I can't receive the command from you, that will ruin the chain of command." Sky said. 

"What I mean is take care of yourself and we will see you again right after the war. You and Jinri, we will see you." I said to Sky. 

"I'll cover for you." She said. 

"Thank you, Sky. You are a true friend." I said to her as I hugged her to the side. 

"You should get dinner. I saved you your rations for the day. They're by the bed." She said to me.

"Okay. I'll eat here." I said to her.

Before I made my way back to the tent.

Sky and I always shared a tent, she was a reliable friend and colleague to me which was why I agreed to share a tent with her. I trusted Sky so much more than anyone in the army. She was always someone who looks out for me and the troops. Through the war we have been each other's pillar of strength. She understands me and my position. She was my unnie, Sky was older than me by 2 years, in Korea you get promoted to a specific ranking by earning merits, when you finish military school, you automatically get a ranking of 1st Lieutenant, since I graduated top of my class, I was promoted to Captain.

I was part of the Lightning Team sent to Afghanistan who helped capture Islam Extremists called ISIS, ending their reign of terror all over the world. I was also sent to rescue a Korean news anchor held captive in Syria. The last operation before I was assigned as Presidential body guard was rescue operations in the Spratley's Islands of the Philippines, where we sent a troop as aides to the Marines of the Philippines, but they were attacked by Chinese Marines, injuring half of the troops we deployed.

Because of these missions and countless other missions, I was eventually promoted as a 3 - Star General. While Colonel Sky Han was a sniper for her team, she had taken down several targets such as high profile terrorist who visited Korea, she was part of the team who foiled kidnapping attempts against the previous Korean Presidents. She managed to incapacitate the abductors. Just like me she was awarded with Medals of Honor and Valor for Order of National Security. I currently hold three while she holds two.

I reemerged outside our tent, Sky sat looking over the Horizon. I don't know what she was thinking, but I was sure that like me, she is thinking of her someone special. I knew Sky loved Jinri, Jinri Lee who was Presidential Bodyguard at one point with us. Jinri was the sweetest girl, she always took care of people around her. Jinri and Sky are Childhood best friends, they grew up knowing each other, most of their lives are intertwined. Jinri chose to join the Navy, while Sky chose to join the Army. The two became a couple long before I had met them. They have been literally through anything. Jinri was a straight woman who Sky managed to bend.

I sat beside Sky with my ration on my lap, I took out my pocket knife and cut the ration pack. I ate my ration as Sky watched the horizon. She doesn't say a word, it was the first time we ever had a moment of silence like this. I let her be as I ate my ration. Then after I have finished eating my Ration the camp bell sounded at the eastern side of Geojedo Island. Sky and I looked at each other. She stood and got her gear, I followed her inside the tents as I got my night vision goggles. I put on the goggles and picked up my Sniper Rifle and my K2 Assault Rifle.

Sky and I ran to the eastern side armed with head flashlights, rifles and other gears for war. Colonel Jin-ju Kim was hiding behind a rock that was on the eastern side as firing Chinese Men at tacked Jin and his troop. We took aim at the Chinese Army. Hundreds of them who are approaching the shoreline. I fired at them using my Assault Rifle. Sky was using her Grenade Launcher Rifle to fire at the enemies.









A moment of Silence could be heard in the battle field, before we got out of our hiding place. Jin was wounded, I called two of his men and instructed them to bring their company commander to safety. Sky had scouted the horizon for anymore enemy ships. When it was safe she shouted from the shore.

"At ease men!" She said.

Everyone of our troops emerged from their places. Each one turning their headlights and shining a light towards the bloodied sea. Everyone collectively breathed a sigh of relief an estimated thousand of lifeless bodies littered the shore. All of them are Chinese Men. Some too young for their lives to be lost. I have killed countless young men who are pre-conditioned by the need of their country to conquer the whole world.

Some of our men are older than these guys, I have mentioned previously that Korea is a peace loving nation. We wept for our comrades as well as Enemies we killed in this 3 year world war. We wept because we value each other's lives, we were not given a choice to withdraw ourselves from war. We had to fight for the people of Korea, for our families who didn't want to be controlled by the Chinese Army.

I wept countless times whenever we had beaten troops from the invading army of China. I wept because all I ever wanted was to be with Hyunri. I didn't want to fight a war I did not ask for. I didn't want to be in this war but they are threats to the security of our country. The nation of Korea land of peace and kindness. Tonight, I weep once again for the young lives this war has yielded. The thousand of lifeless chinese men in our seashores.

Sky was weeping as well, because we survived another attack from the enemy, we have killed a thousand more yet again tonight. I don't know when this war will be over, but for me starting next week, I will defect to my duties and for once think of my future with Hyunri.

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