Fair in Love and War

Love War: 3015

They said everything is fair in love and war, I hope it is fair that I am feeling so much anger. Another news had spread out, apparently the Emperor of Japan was looking into proposing to Hyunri, my tears had ran dry, I think I don't have anything more left to cry. Today like any other day we fought the war. I had a mission, a personal mission. Later there will be a welcoming dinner at the Presidential Palace. I have made up my mind and decided I would end Hyunri's misery. She didn't need to settle for this and the Japanese Emperor's advances. My battalion was shipped off at an Island to stand guard. I escaped to prepare for my personal mission.

I infiltrated the Presidential Palace, I hid in plain sight, armed with my sniper rifle and a hand gun, this operation will be a breeze. I sat perched on top of the ceiling. Directly facing the stage. I was dressed in black so as not to catch attention in the Palace's Ballroom. Big spotlights obscure me, I watched as the people begin to arrive, everyone of the allied leaders are in this ballroom, including The President of the Republic of the Philippines, where Hyunri and I went to one time before the war broke. 

I only had fond memories of Hyunri, the pre-war days filled my mind, how I wanted to have this war ended, to be with Hyunri again. Hyunri was also here receiving her guests, the ball was about to start. Bodyguards were in place, it should have been me, guarding Hyunri. But the army needed their great generals, majors and captains to strategize the war. 

Hyunri looked up, seemingly searching for someone. Who ever she was searching for, I am sure it wasn't me. It kills me a little to know this fact. A guard approaches Hyunri, he whispered something in her ear. Panic was on her face the moment she heard whatever this guard had to say, she glances to my direction, I was not sure if she had seen me, I thought it was impossible to see me. She excused herself from guests and made her way to the back. 

I sat there waiting for the right time to carry out my plan of assassinating Emperor Akihito Yamazawa. These were my thoughts when I felt someone was behind me. I drew my hand gun, which was a Beretta with a silencer on its nuzzle. I pointed the gun at the direction of the stranger, I could barely make out who it was. 

"Reveal yourself!" I said to them.

Then the stranger took a step forward, fully composed and gentle. 

"H-Hyunri?" I was flustered at the sight. 

My hand went to my holster, replacing the gun back. 

She took another step, she touches my face with her left hand, she couldn't believe I was here.

"Baby, I missed you so much." She began talking to me.

"I-I miss you too baby." I said to her as I tried to hold back the tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in Geojedo Island fighting the war?" She asked me as she ran her fingers to the side of my face.

"I-I am here to save you." I said to her.

She lets out a sigh and a giggle at me.

"I will be alright, Julian." She reassured me.

"I know Akihito wants you to be his bride. I am here to kill him." I said to her.

"No need to do that my love. I promised you hadn't I? Once the war is over, we will get married. We will live in the USA, start a new life you and I." She said calmly.

"Baby, please don't do this." She continued as she closed in the remaining distance between us.

Effectively trapping me in her arms. I was weak for her hugs. I missed Hyunri so bad, it has been a few months since we last talked face to face. We contained ourselves with messages of comfort over the past 3 years, but recently that too stopped. Save for the telecasts aired on camps, I was not so sure of Hyunri and her stand anymore.

"I was told you escaped your Battalion and I knew that you were here. You abandoned them." She said.

"It has been a few months since we talked Hyunri, I deserve at least an explanation from you." I whispered to her, my voice cracking.

"Baby, I know you were fighting off Chinese artilleries, I thought it was better if we didn't talk for the meantime. So you could focus on beating the Chinese Military." She said softly at me.

She pauses as if she was thinking of something to say. She sighed and finally continues to speak to me.

"How about we meet next week? You and I, we'll run away from here? Go to the U.S.A and live there. Together." She said to me.

"There will be a boat at Jeju Island, we can go there first and board on the boat." I said to her.

"Yes, we could do that. I will see you at Busan. Friday, 9 p.m. I will be there my love. Until then, can you not abandon your men?  Can you fight for me as fiercely as you can?" She asked me.

"I have fought for you and the country in the last two years, Hyunri. I have killed men, I have watched them die. I don't have to be told, you know I'll certainly do it for you. Just, just promise me you won't accept Akihito's Proposal." I said to her.

She pulls away from the hug, she lifted my chin up and gave me the warmest smile.

"Love, I promise I won't. I don't want to marry anyone but you. But, you need to understand love, I need Akihito to aide us in this war. So, I need to be nice to him." She said to me, her voice cracking. 

"I understand Hyunri." Was all I could say.

"Now go back to your men, fight this war. Promise me you'll do it for me. I am asking you to do this not as your girlfriend but as President of the Korean Army, I am commanding you to fight." She said to me.

"Is that your order madame?" I asked her.

She could only nod at me.

"Consider your orders as done your Excellency." I said to her before I pulled her in for a kiss.

I pulled away from the quick kiss and told her.

"I love you to the moon and back, Hyunri. I will wait for you, Friday at Busan." I said to her before running to my escape.

Hyunri lets me escape, she watched as I ran towards my exit. I tried not to look back, but I still did to see her one last time. But she wasn't there anymore. I knew she must have gone back to the party. I escaped the Palace undetected with a slight glimmer of hope from Hyunri. Her promise of running away next week was enough to fuel me. I got to the dock at around 11 p.m. I rode a jet ski which I prepared going to Jeju-do Island.

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