Anyone Else

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Pettiness doesn't always have to be bad.



"Literally anyone else would be fine, yet I'm stuck with you?"


"I'm sick and tired of pretending that I want anyone else."

Just in case you forget, that one scene in the final chapter is the same as the intro in the first chapter


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Andrea_97 #1
Chapter 10: rereading this and it still hurts, I love the story but eunbi deserved more, yerin was influenced that she did wrong by falling in love with eunbi from the moment sowon told her that yuju was suffering because of her, but you don't choose who you love, and being fair eunbi suffered from the beginning cause she fell in love with yerin from before and for being a good friend she endured seeing yerin with yuju, even when she let her go in the end she still loved her but yerin for continuing to feel guilty about how she had left yuju don't knew how to value sinb's love towards her... I'll be waiting for a Sinrin story with a happy ending 😌 you write amazing authornim
Chapter 10: It’s been awhile since I’m emotionally involved with a fanfic, and for the first time I dislike yerin. But as said by author, not every relationship end with closure. You did your best author. Looking forward for your next story.
Chapter 10: Although this kind of story indeed happens in real life but i just dont know what to feel about this ending.. its a relief that you have a new sinrin story in line.. ill wait for that authornim..
Chapter 10: no i loved this, good/happy endings, i love this one :D
Yerintopic #5
Chapter 10: Oh nooo i'm sad that sinrin really gave us zero moment irl i wish i could get happiness from reading the fic but what just you did to the ending hurts me 😭
Chapter 9: Eunbi deserve better. Yerin feeling is all over the place. She didn’t know what she really want. It seems like she just don’t want to be alone.
Chapter 9: I think yerin is love yuju but who know she love sinb too but who can be the most love by her sinb?yuju? Yerin need a time to think clearly who is she love.I dont angry yerin altitude bc she not cheating why everyone blame her?
Chapter 9: Thank you for this pov update author-nim :)
Chapter 9: welp, time to wait again..
Andrea_97 #10
ohhh no, I can understand yuju, and yerin omg she's so confuse but sinb is right too, the problem here is yerin, she love both but she really have to choose, I hope we have sinrin at the end, yeah yuju is her first love and that's special but sinb loves her, she just have to let go her first love, waiting for the next chapter and thank you so much masternim