Fox Bread

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In which Jimin is a gumiho who travels to the mortal realm to hunt. However, her intentions become muddled as she bonds with local baker, Minjeong. Winrina/Jiminjeong. Supernatural AU. PG-13+.



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Vietnamese translation availabe [here]

Karina looks like such a fox, so I’ve wanted to write her as a gumiho for a while now.

Minor trigger warnings: It won’t be too graphic, but there are violent and ual themes because gumiho mythology is a little gross. I’ll put warnings at the head of chapters if I do ever go extreme with anything.


Whoever it is that has advertised Fox Bread, thank you so much 😭🙏❤️


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Chapter 4: "Everyone's so nice.
They're all so stupid."

I tried to read this chapter while getting my hair done at a salon but I had to stop because I couldn't stop smiling to myself. Why does reading this make me so happy? Also, Jimin losing her appetite after thinking of Minjeong 🥺
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Chapter 3: This chapter has so many highlights: Yizhuo saying "That's ist", her calling Jimin a "hot-hobo", Aeri suspecting that Jimin is a serial killer, Jimin straight-up staring at Minjeong and Yizhuo for hours while they bake (and completely freaking Yizhuo out in the process), Jimin willing to help them in order to earn a cookie in return, the "This Can Bake" apron, Jimin waiting for Minjeong to tuck her into bed. Just brilliant. Jimin was so cute here too!!
Chapter 2: Jimin is so funny without even meaning to 😭 I love reading her thoughts, and how they contrast with her actions
Kannakobayashi09 #4
Chapter 20: Done reread it, this is really a masterpiece thank you author<3
Chapter 1: Jimin wondering whether it is worth eating (literally) Minjeong is hilarious 😭
Missekie #6
Chapter 3: not jimin waiting minjeong to tuck her in to sleep, wtf she's too adorable for someone who eats human men 😭
HeekuTheMarshmallow #7
Chapter 15: God I can’t even write this cimment property becaus of my tears
18 streak #8
Chapter 20: I can't believe I've waited so long to finally read this. 😭 There's so much things to say but I guess it's true about what they say reading something and after finishing it you just can't leave a review because you just don't know how to put it into words. Plot is beautifully written, that I can say. Like all those fantasies I've read, it's making my heart full. I just wish it's long but all in all, it's wonderful. Thank you for writing this beautiful story.💙 I'm gonna miss fox Jimin😔
227 streak #9
I miss fox jimin 🥺🥺
jushshhh 14 streak #10
Chapter 20: thank you for this ♥️