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Irene’s pov
We were all packed up for our so called honeymoon. I was just sitting on the couch waiting for sooyoung to come. She said that it will be good if we just all go from same place. Don’t ask me what was the reason I just didn’t argue with it and where is Wendy
“wendy are you done yet” I said in a loud voice
“yes I will be down in a sec” she said and came downstairs in a short shots and a big hoodie.
“you do know that one of your employee is going to fly with us right”
“yeah so. I just don’t like flying that much and these are very comfortable clothes”
“mhhm hmm”
“by the way it’s a little cold out there so just take a jacket I’m not going to give you one”
“that was just one time” I just huffed. I think she keeps tab on everything she ever did for me. She never fails to make me remember them.
“where is your sister”
“she left the house around 15 minutes ago. She will be here anytime I guess” just as I said my phone rang.
“yo unnie I’m outside with the driver just bring your luggage and tushies out” she said and just cut off the phone
“sooyoung’s here” is said to wendy. The butler took our luggage out
“let’s go princess time to go on our honeymoon” wendy said chessily and I just laughed
“hello sooyoung” we both greeted her and settled in the car
“so joohyun unnie did you pack something y for wendy unnie” sooyoung said teasingly. I looked at wendy and she just winked at me.
“yeah irene unnie did you…. Am I going to get a surprise”wendy said
“I don’t know about surprise but you can get a smack right now right here” I said
“ohhh ” 
“Irene unnie you are feisty” sooyoung said laughing
“is this how it is going to be you two ganging up on me for the whole time” she said
“don’t worry my employee will be happy to join you in the no jam club” wendy said
“when is she going to join us unnie” sooyoung asked
“she is going to meet us at the airport” wendy said
When we arrived wendy said she is going to bring her employee as she was at Starbucks and asked if we want something. We both said no. I was talking to sooyoung. She asked for a chap stick. I was looking in my bag when I heard her gasp. I saw her face she looked horrified and the water bottle she was holding just slipped off her hand. This time I was the one who gasped 
“sooyoung what the hell”
“irene unnie are you ok” I heard Wendy’s voice 
“yeah I’m ok” I said smiling at her
“well unnie ,sooyoung meet our star employee kang seulgi” I heard the name and I just looked up. I saw the one person I was rooting to see for more than a month. I observed her face. Her beautiful almond shaped eyes. The mole she had right above her eye. She had dark circles indicating she has not slept well. She was a bit skinny too. But overall still beautiful with her black hair in her pony. God I missed her. I missed her so much. She was the one I wanted to marry. She bowed down to me as a sign of greeting I did the same never leaving the eye contact. SNAP OUT OF IT JOOHYUN YOUR WIFE IS LITERALLY RIGHT THERE. I looked at wendy if she just saw what happened but she was busy doing something on her phone and then she left saying she has to use washroom and to meet her directly at the security check. I saw her leaving then I heard sooyoung saying she will meet us at security check too. I just nodded. Then I looked at her again. She smiled at me. Her bear smile that I missed so much.
“how have you been hyunnie” god I missed her voice. I missed the way she said my name.
“I have been ok seul what about you” I said timidly.
“I was not doing good but I’m much better after looking at you” she said
“please seulgi don’t”
“does she even know about us”
“your wife hyunnie who else”

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Kpopno_ob21 #1
Chapter 7: I agree, too much is going on, I don't know what's going to happen. Hopefuly you didn't forget about this story, please update whenever you can
Chapter 7: Please update authornim
Chapter 7: Too much going on
seunwannie #4
Chapter 7: pls update omg
ppanibiased #5
Chapter 7: As much as I like wr, I don't want them to be endgame in this story. It won't make any sense if they end up together. What joohyun has for Wendy will not be love but a guilt. I hope Wendy can move on and start her relationship with Sooyoung
Chapter 7: I'm a wenrene enthusiasts,, but at this point of the story, where Irene was eating by her guilt of hurting Wendy thus I guess she will mistook it as love ..I don't think I want wenrene together, not in this way... If so it's better we have wenjoy
Chapter 7: I want wenrene endgame but I don't think so
Raschell12 #8
Wenjoy their chemistry is way better
And seulrene
This one looks good yaaaay
WluvsBaetokki 11 streak #10
Chapter 7: Why did it come out as new update when there's none