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Joohyun's pov 

I watched her turn around the corner. I was just standing there. I just can't comprehend anything at this moment. I did right thing I guess. I sighed and went into the room where seulgi is supposed to be. I knocked on the door

"Hyunnie you are here" she said confused
" Yeah can I come in" 
" Yeah yeah of course please come in" 

I went inside the room. And just sat on the bed. 
" Do you want some water" she said after a moment
" Yes please"  she brought back a glass of water and I chugged it down in one gulp
" She kissed me" I said
 " What"
" She kissed me and she knew about us seul. She said to choose one and turned around the corner. And then I chose you" I said frantically.
" So you mean to say that she knows about us and she is ok with it" seulgi said
" Yes" 
" Omg hyun that is great. Right. I'm happy hyun"
I just looked at her. I'm happy but I can't forget the fact that I really hurt her

" Are you not happy hyun"

" I'm happy seulgi yah" I said and then just hugged her. She just kissed me. It had been so long. I really missed her. She started kissing down my neck. I should say thank you to Wendy. Wait I will tell her tomorrow. When things started escalating I pulled away. 
" Hyunnn" seulgi whined and I just chuckled 
" Not today seul. I'm tired today"
" Ok I will just hold you " she said and changed and got ready for the bed. I laid down and closed my eyes. But all I can see is her face. How much I hurt her over this. But as soon as seulgi wrapped her arms around me I fell asleep.

Wendy's pov
 I woke up the next day with sooyoung beside me on the bed. I remembered what happened yesterday. I already knew this was going to happen. I got up from the bed but I was pulled back. I turned around and I saw that me and sooyoung were holding hands. I think it is so unfair to sooyoung. I should not bring her down with my pain. I smiled looking at her. I let go of her hand and just patted her head. I picked up my phone and opened one of the app for hotel booking (a/n: hotel: Trivago :-P) and booked one hotel suite in one of the hotel nearby
" What are you doing" I was startled. I looked back and sooyoung was hovering above me
"You are going to another hotel" she asked
" Yes it will be better for all of us" I said jokingly
" I'm coming with you" she said and got off the bed.
" You should be here with your sister soo not with me" 
" Well you should be here with you wife but look how that turned out to be" well lady got a point
" Unnie we are going to enjoy this holiday to the full extent. Let's just have fun and get drunk unnie" she said 
"Alright soo but we have to tell Irene and seulgi too"
" I will tell them you don't worry about that"
" Ohh what would I do without you sooyoung"
"You would die unnie "
" But thank you soo for everything. And I'm sorry for everything you don't have to be in this mess" 
" Are you done now. I'm doing this because I want to unnie"

Sooyoung's pov
 I went out of our room. Wendy unnie saying that she will take our bags out and will be waiting for me in the car. I went to the room joohyun unnie and seulgi unnie are in. I knocked on the door and seulgi unnie opened it. I just looked at her for a minute and she sighed 
" Good morning" she greeted me
" Can I talk to joohyun unnie"
" So hostile sooyoung but come in she is in the shower"
" Well don't get me wrong seulgi unnie but I can't talk to you right now"
“What did I do"
" I know you did nothing wrong. That is why I don't want to talk to you or would say something that I would regret latter"
"Hey sooyoung" joohyun unnie came out of the bathroom. I saw her and my blood boiled. She had few hickeys on her neck. How can she even...let it be sooyoung. 
"Hii unnie actually I came here to tell you that we are leaving"
"What do you mean leaving"
" We are going to a different hotel. Well Wendy unnie thought it will be awkward if we all stay together right now" 
"Oh so Wendy left" she said looking sad
" She is waiting for me downstairs. You two can enjoy your honeymoon all you want". I said with a bite back tone
"See you after 8 days unnie. Keep me updated and also talk to yerim she is very worried"
" So she told you about yesterday" joohyun unnie said
" I knew about it the day we came here. She never had a meeting to attend. It was all her doing to help you and seulgi unnie. She did not even care about herself. She was hurt unnie. And I know that this all is not your fault too. But still you should have handled it better. She did not want to tell you this because she is literally an angel but If she is not going to tell you then I can cause I'm nowhere near an angel" I said and left the room and went downstairs. I saw her in the lobby waiting for me. She looked up from her phone and smiled at me. I think I should have just talked to her years back then maybe instead of joohyun unnie I could have married her. WHERE THE DID THAT COME FROM. YAAH SOOYOUNG HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND. 
" Soo you ok" she said
" Yeah I'm all right unnie" I said 
" Let's go then. Shall we" she said jokingly
" We shall lead the way" I said playing along. We both laughed and went out of the hotel. I saw the smile on her face. She looks radiant with that smile. It could light up a whole village. Don't worry unnie I will try to keep that smile on your face forever. 

Wendy's pov 
The last days have been so fun. We just roamed here and there. And we partied. We partied hard. I never had that much fun in my life. And all I can do is thank sooyoung for this. Girl knows how to party. It was our last night here. Tomorrow we were going back to our normal life. Ughh back to work. So tonight we just decided to just watch movies and order pizza.
" Unnie did you decide yet which movie should we watch" 
" No I just can't decide one. All are either romantic cheesy or horror comedy" 
" Horror comedy" she questioned
" Yeah I remember last time we watched a horror movie we ended up crying because we were laughing too hard"
"Oh yeah that was fun" she smirked
" So I don't know you decide" I said giving up. 
" How about we ditch this movie pizza plan and go to the karaoke bar" 
" That's a great idea"
"Of course you should have known by now"
This is why I like spending time with her. I always went with a plan but with sooyoung I tend to do things spontaneously. We went to karaoke bar. After many songs later we were drunk. We took a cab back to the hotel. We just went in the suite. sooyoung asked if I would like something more to drink and I just said yes. We went out in the balcony set two chairs out just looking at the night.
"You know we were not supposed to drink today" I said laughing
" Well. I enjoyed it" she said winking at me.
" No no I enjoyed it too." I said smiling at her
" Hey you know I was thinking of you" I said she turned towards me 
" What about how awesome I am" she said laughing
" No not that. I was thinking about a nickname for you" I said seriously
" So did you came up with something" she said now turning in her chair towards me
" Yeah. I did" I said and closed my eyes when she ran her hands through my hair
"What is that" she said quietly
"Yeah joy."
" But why"
" Well you brought so much joy in my life in past days. So that is why" I said with still my eyes closed
" Then I will have to call you sunshine or something" she said which made me open my eyes. We both just stared at each other. 
"We should sleep unnie"
"I know"
"Otherwise I will do something which I will regret latter" she said leaning closer
"I know" I said just staying in my position.
"Joy" I said slowly and she looked at me. She stopped leaning and looked at me and just smlied
" Sunshine" she said smiling.
" We should sleep unnie we have to catch a flight tomorrow. And we have to face them too." She said 
"When we go back will we meet?" I said
"Of course unnie. You are not getting rid of me that easily" she said laughing
" Will you wait for me." I said afraid of the answer. I know she developed feelings for me. She is very easy to read sometimes. But I sometimes still think about Irene unnie. And I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow and also when we go back. How are we going to handle the situation? But I know that sooyoung is the reason why I don't have irene on my mind but I don't want her to be some rebound. And she knows that too. But will she be waiting for me. Will she be willing to be involved in this mess. She is so beautiful person inside out and here I am just me. 
I waited for her answer. She got up from

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Kpopno_ob21 #1
Chapter 7: I agree, too much is going on, I don't know what's going to happen. Hopefuly you didn't forget about this story, please update whenever you can
Chapter 7: Please update authornim
Chapter 7: Too much going on
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Chapter 7: pls update omg
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Chapter 7: As much as I like wr, I don't want them to be endgame in this story. It won't make any sense if they end up together. What joohyun has for Wendy will not be love but a guilt. I hope Wendy can move on and start her relationship with Sooyoung
Chapter 7: I'm a wenrene enthusiasts,, but at this point of the story, where Irene was eating by her guilt of hurting Wendy thus I guess she will mistook it as love ..I don't think I want wenrene together, not in this way... If so it's better we have wenjoy
Chapter 7: I want wenrene endgame but I don't think so
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Wenjoy their chemistry is way better
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