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Irene’s pov

I woke up feeling warmth around me. I just sighed. I remembered what happened. I saw my phone on the bed I picked it up to see what time it is. I was shocked to see it was 6 in the morning. Wow it was one of the best sleep I got. I turned around in seulgi’s arms and I just looked at her face. It was thinner than last time we were this close. I closed my eyes leaning into her. And then I realized something. what will I tell wendy now. She must think where seulgi is. Sooyoung is not here that means she must have seen us like this. No no no what should I do. 
“hyun stop.. just go to sleep”
“no seulgi get up and go to your room”
“what are you talking about” she said opening her eyes slightly 
“seulgi they must have known that we slept like this. what am I going to tell wendy now” I said panicking
“well it will be easier to tell her about us”
“what us seulgi” I said 
“what do you mean hyun”
“I cant just tell her about this so casually you don’t understand”
“then please try to explain me”
“I don’t want to hurt her seulgi she has been nothing but an angel to me. I’m such an idiot that I just cuddled with you so carelessly”
“so what you are going to do. Try to make this marriage work” seulgi said getting up from the bed angrily and went to bathroom.
“I’m not saying that” I said. I don’t want to handle this in the morning
“I will tell her ok but just not like this” I said again
“then how are you going to this” seulgi said irritation clear on her face
“look hyun I let you go one time I’m not going to let that happen again” she said seriously 
“tell her today or else I will tell her” she said breaking our contact
“have you lost your mind” I said 
“what hyun do you want her or me. How long have you even known her. I love you. I’m here with you right now. Where is she” wait a sec where is she
“just let me think about this seulgi” I said and sighed
“what is there to think hyun don’t you love me. I’m going to fight for us this time but it seems like you don’t want  me to  fight for us” seulgi said and from her tone I can sense that she was hurt.
“I love you too seul but I just need time to tell her everything”
“and you have today”
“seulgi please this is sensitive matter”
“I know hyun. Let’s just go and grab something to eat and then we will see what to do about this”
I did my morning routine. Seulgi was trying to find the key card and then gave up just came along as it is. We got settled in the restaurant which was in our hotel and they were serving breakfast there. I took my phone out to call wendy. 
“irene unnie” I saw wendy and sooyoung coming towards us. Wendy smiling like as usual and sooyoung glaring at us. What are they doing together?
“good morning unnie seulgi” wendy said and settled down beside me stealing a carrot from my plate
“I’m sorry unnie after the meeting the agent asked to celebrate and I drank a little too much so sooyoung had to take care of me. I don’t even remember how we came to hotel” she said looking at me with guilt. So that means she doesn’t know seulgi was in my room. But sooyoung does. 
“it’s ok wan~ah” I said 
“I’m sorry seulgi. You both had to share a room too because of my drunk .”
“oh no it was nothing wendy” seulgi said
“seulgi unnie will you come with me to I want something to eat and you plate is almost empty” sooyoung said. She looked at me and just shook her head with disappointment written all over her face. I just looked down and then they left.
“so how did the meeting go” I asked 
“it went spectacular I think. The outcome was really what I was thinking” she said and just smiled. How can I hurt this person? How am I going to tell her all this. 
“good wan~ah” I

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