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Wendy’s pov

I went into my room which I’m going to share with seulgi. I knocked on the door not wanting to be rude. I waited for some seconds when seulgi opened the door. 
“Boss what are you doing here” seulgi asked looking confused
“well I’m going to be your roommate” I said and laughed at her face
“we were going to have three rooms but because of some reasons we only got two and it will be rude on my behalf if you have to share room with sooyoung as you don’t know each other.” I just explained. She nodded her head
“and seulgi just cut the boss crap it makes me feel like I’m old just call me seungwan or wendy” I said. 
“ok wendy. But it’s not fair you are here on your honeymoon you should spend some time with your wife” she said with her back facing me.
“well I will soon don’t worry seulgi” I said
“Well don’t you think Irene unnie is so pretty” I said
“yeah she is beautiful” she said absent mindly and then realized what she just said she was going to explain her but I cut her off
“yeah you are right she is beautiful. I can’t believe she is my wife” I said and saw her expressions turn a little dark. I just smirked.
Then I remembered something and just took my phone out to text sooyoung
Wendy: sooyoung what are you two doing
Sooyoung: shouldn’t you ask irene unnie that
Wendy: just answer please
Sooyoung: we just had something to eat unnie said she is going to take a shower and then rest for a bit
Wendy: are you free?
Sooyoung: why are you asking me?
Wendy: actually I wanted to get something for irene unnie and I wanted your help with that
Wendy: so will you meet me downstairs after half an hour.
Sooyoung: Fine. See you soon
“seulgi we have the meeting tomorrow can you just mail me all the things right now?”
“yeah all right wendy” she said and got everything ready. 
“you know you look like a baby bear” I said. 
“yeah I get that a lot actually” she said and smiled. Though I can see it was a sad smile
“I hope we can become friends seulgi. We can make our new group me, you, irene unnie, sooyoung and yerim” I said sincerely
“we will be I hope. We are both 94 liners” she said laughing.
“yeah. Listen I have to go somewhere right now. Will you be ok here”
“yeah go ahead” I said goodbye and left. I was waiting for sooyoung. I saw her coming down. I just smiled at her and we went out from the hotel.
“Sooyoung do you think we should just hire a car”
“it’s a great idea unnie”
We just went to a car rental and took a suv. I was driving we asked locals for directions to the local market. We parked the car and went to different shops searching for gifts for irene unnie.
“I think we should go to that small café” I said pointing towards the direction of café and sooyoung just looked at me
“come on sooyoung lets go” I said pulling her 
“yahh unnie”
“yahh im you unnie how can you yahh me”
“I have every right because you are acting like a dumb dumb”
We went inside
“what will you have sooyoung~ah”
“I want something sweet and something chilled”
“ohh what about an Oreo milkshake”
“ isn’t it too much” 
“yeah let’s just live like a child”
And then we ordered two milkshake
“so what should we do next”
“aren’t we going to find gift for irene unnie”
“oh I have an idea for the gift”
I took out my phone and called seulgi and she picked up
“hey seulgi”
“yes wendy”
“hey I just got the mail from the agents I have to attend that meeting right now”
“oh so where should I come. I will be right there”
“don’t worry about that it’s that sooyoung is going to attend the meeting with me so can you just look after Irene for a bit. So she won’t get bored.”
“but I can come what about all the documents”
“I have them on my mail seulgi. You were the only one who sent those to me. Please take care of her I have to go now.”
And I ended the call and looked at sooyoung. She looked shocked I just laughed at her expression.
“you knew” she said pointing at me
“yes sooyoung I knew all about this” I said a little sadly
“but how” she said still confused.
“well it wasn’t hard to know that irene unnie was forced to do this. She was really cold but when I said that all I want is friendship she started warming up to me. So that only meant she already had someone in her heart and thanks to yerim too for that when she threatened me she accidently blurted that I can never replace her.” I explained
“but how did you knew it was seulgi unnie”
“again I saw her with yeri one day outside office and whenever I mentioned about my wife in front of her she always

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Kpopno_ob21 #1
Chapter 7: I agree, too much is going on, I don't know what's going to happen. Hopefuly you didn't forget about this story, please update whenever you can
Chapter 7: Please update authornim
Chapter 7: Too much going on
seunwannie #4
Chapter 7: pls update omg
ppanibiased #5
Chapter 7: As much as I like wr, I don't want them to be endgame in this story. It won't make any sense if they end up together. What joohyun has for Wendy will not be love but a guilt. I hope Wendy can move on and start her relationship with Sooyoung
Chapter 7: I'm a wenrene enthusiasts,, but at this point of the story, where Irene was eating by her guilt of hurting Wendy thus I guess she will mistook it as love ..I don't think I want wenrene together, not in this way... If so it's better we have wenjoy
Chapter 7: I want wenrene endgame but I don't think so
Raschell12 #8
Wenjoy their chemistry is way better
And seulrene
This one looks good yaaaay
WluvsBaetokki 11 streak #10
Chapter 7: Why did it come out as new update when there's none