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Irene’s pov 
It has been a month since I got married. It has been ok so far I guess. Well me and wendy became fast friends. We now even bicker with each other. And because of wendy we started communicating. We tell each other if we have problem because of the things the other do. Well I can say it is been a peaceful month. I sometimes sense that she does things that a friend wont do. I can tell sometimes she tries a little hard to impress me. I appreciate it. But I cant just get my mind off my ex-girlfriend. I just miss her too. I do get drunk sometimes. I’m glad wendy never asks me about it. I want to desperately forget about my past and maybe start liking wendy because I can tell she is an angel. But I can’t let go of my past. I love her too much to let her go. I still get her texts every day. I have to throw my phone away otherwise I will give in the temptation to just talk to her. I don’t know there is something about today. I just can’t pinpoint the feeling but I can tell that something is going to happen. Maybe it has something to do with the dinner my parents invited us for. I just sighed what can I even do now. This means that we have to act like a couple again. I hate that it feels like I’m cheating on her. I know this is so wrong but I can’t help it. The heart wants what it wants. 
“Irene unnie, we have to get ready now get your off the couch” it was none other than my lovely wife wendy. I love it that we can now joke around it.
“ohh I don’t want to “I pouted.
“why are you pouting. I should be the one pouting”
“can I ask you why you should be the one pouting”
“yes what?”
“yes you can ask me” and she snickered. This little ..
“miss wendy please tell me why” I said in a fake pleading voice playing along 
“well yerim is not found of me still. She still wants to cut off my arms.” I just laughed at her statement
“what now you are afraid of my little sister” I .
“well she is a Satan according to you that is why I have all the rights to be scared of her. what if she performs an exorcism today” she said with a serious face. 
I just laughed loudly. She is such a character. These are the moments I like with her. This friendship is what I cherish. When I calmed down I looked at her. She was looking at me with a smile and then she just giggled and these are the moments I’m afraid if she thinks of these moments something else. 
“why are looking at me like that” I asked her afraid of the answer. She was silent for a moment
“you have dried ketchup on your face” she said pointing on her where the ketchup is. I immediately checked and she was telling truth. She just giggled and I scowled at her.
“what miss Irene thought I was looking at her because she thinks that she is beautiful. I look at myself everyday unnie and you know a beautiful face is what I see. Sorry to disappoint you princess” she said smugly.
“are you spending time with sooyoung. You sound exactly like her”
“well what can I say beautiful minds with beautiful faces think alike” wendy said and she smirked
“and you know what unnie this is why I think we think so different you know” she said and ran to her room.
“yahh son seungwan”

Wendy’s pov 
Wow I think I’m becoming the president of friend zone in my wife’s life. It hurts so much thinking maybe friend is all I can ever be. But I feel good when I see her smiling and it’s a cherry on top when it is because of me. I hate myself because I know that I’m falling. I’m falling so hard and there will be no one to catch me. Maybe all the bruises will be worth it in the end. Or if I just keep up with this she may start liking me. Who am I kidding? I got ready and went downstairs waiting for her. She came out of her room looking like a goddess. I tried so

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Kpopno_ob21 #1
Chapter 7: I agree, too much is going on, I don't know what's going to happen. Hopefuly you didn't forget about this story, please update whenever you can
Chapter 7: Please update authornim
Chapter 7: Too much going on
seunwannie #4
Chapter 7: pls update omg
ppanibiased #5
Chapter 7: As much as I like wr, I don't want them to be endgame in this story. It won't make any sense if they end up together. What joohyun has for Wendy will not be love but a guilt. I hope Wendy can move on and start her relationship with Sooyoung
Chapter 7: I'm a wenrene enthusiasts,, but at this point of the story, where Irene was eating by her guilt of hurting Wendy thus I guess she will mistook it as love ..I don't think I want wenrene together, not in this way... If so it's better we have wenjoy
Chapter 7: I want wenrene endgame but I don't think so
Raschell12 #8
Wenjoy their chemistry is way better
And seulrene
This one looks good yaaaay
WluvsBaetokki #10
Chapter 7: Why did it come out as new update when there's none