Odyssey (Haechan Lee)

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Haechan made a wish.

One, to see you again.

Two, for you to get your freedom.

Little did he know that you would be granted with both and it would leave him in complete, utter pain.


“What’s our story about?”

“Sacrifice,” Haechan found himself saying. “Loss and escape.”

“Escape. A great one,” she whispered, the smoke dancing right in front of her eyes. “You forgot one thing.”

Haechan did not have to hear it to know, the female reaching out to break the cloud of snow that disappeared in front of them. She opened the palm of her hand, the emptiness between both of them heavily weighing them down.

“Pain,” she told him. “You forgot pain.”

Haechan could not agree more.

His story was all about pain.

#2 of my Songs For You Series 

Summary: Haechan's journey down a path of music comes to a stop when he meets you again. He then continues a different journey with you by his side.

The only problem is that time is running out. 

Characters: You, Haechan, Mark & Matthew, mentions of Jeno

In this odyssey
It's hard to leave
I hold at the breach
I've got my reasons

-Odyessy, Talos

Warnings: mentions of drugs and alcohol

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#1 Song For You Series



Only when you realize that time is running out do you remember everything that life has taught you.

One of those is that time is not a friend but an enemy. 


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Chapter 3: I'm crying... it's 2am and my tears cant stop running... all of your stories are amazing. Cant wait for the next story...
wxnlingg_ #2
Chapter 3: i cant stop crying TTTT the pain TT enjoyed this story like the others thankyou for writing ❤
wxnlingg_ #3
Chapter 2: death is scary it takes away people u loved from you, the feeling couldn't be any worse and for haechan to experience two deaths it is just so cruel
wxnlingg_ #4
Chapter 1: this is gonna be painful TT
Chapter 3: i cant even say what a happy ending this time. but very well written!!!! T__T
not to mention dont say your time is coming to an end on here T_T ngl AFF would feel incomplete without you and your fics!!!

one of my close friends recently lost her grandad and i hear her crying in the bathroom at school sometimes and honestly it is absolutely heartbreaking TT___TT
nctfiretruck #6
Chapter 3: haechan on his knees and her sister pounding against her chest.... the pain of losing someone is real...

"I miss you farewell" 🙍‍♂️
Chapter 3: ohmyheart 🥺
ladykwonxiwu #8
Chapter 3: OMG. I'm crying buckets inside. Like I'm literally in the office while reading this so I can't cry out loud when I want to. This so heartbreakingly beautiful.
Chapter 3: I can't believe I almost missed this chapter..😭 I cried like a !😭😭😭 I can feel Haechan's pain because I've been in his place too. I seriously can feel what he feel. It's unspoken pain that is hurting so much and we don't have the words to say and cry is the only thing we can do to show how painful it is.😭
suholeadernim #10
Chapter 3: You just had to :) kill me :) inside :) like that :) this is :) not :) okay :) I'm :) smiling :) through ;) my :) tears :)