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Beyond the Pitch (wenrene football AU)

Wendy plays for Canada, Joohyun plays for South Korea. Everything changes when they play for the same club team. Would they remain as rivals? Would they become friends? Or would they have something more than a friendship?

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By no_ice Updated
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  晚风 灿x你 很俗的校园双向暗恋  狡猾又可靠的东赫学长 一发完 正文+番外1.3w 正文 01 他肯定不会喜欢一个无趣的人,我想。 “你怎么了?不吃点东西吗?”副部长边吃边询问我,我回过神来下意识抬起头看坐在对面的李东赫。


By xyjybn Updated
Tags  haechanxyou 
Characters 李楷灿 李东赫 NCT nctdream
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🚗🔞🐻   因为今年疫情很严重的原因,东湖小学的校长让老师组织同学们在家上网课,东赫是东湖小学六年级的数学老师,负责晚上给小朋友上课,也负责给我上课。   晚上是适合学习的,学什么都会学的很好。   东赫在班级群里通知了小朋友们说晚上七点半在可以进行直播的软件上进行授课,让小朋友们准备好作业本,课本和上课的学习用品。   东赫也让我准备好来配合他直播...   东赫坐在书房的桌子前给小朋友们开着直播,桌子底下是空心的,方便我可以从下面穿过去,帮他解开裤子给他口。他让我先准备着,他先给小朋友们讲今晚要做的题目,等他讲完再给我讲今晚要做的细节。   “小朋友们,我们先讲第一题,好嘛?”东赫打开电脑上的课件,给小朋友们讲着作业本上的第一题,东赫的声音很性感,随性中带着一点慵懒,像春药一样让我时时刻刻都想要发情。他在讲第一题的过程中我在他面前换着情趣内衣,书房桌子前面是小沙发,沙发上放着口球,皮质带

野纯偷心犯 | 补档

By Tooo9s Updated
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By subakhuman Updated
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Characters haechan mark
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灿你 赛车手×学生


By chzh_an Updated
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By yiha11 Updated
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整个校园狗血文写写,名很抓马,后续也是往撒狗血路子走,谨慎观看。更新在这后面加,不单独开篇 出场人物初定元五,每一章谁出现都会标明。本章出场诺/马  


By JStarrism Updated
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By OYUJiii Updated
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李东赫 / 墨色纯白

By UV2000 Updated
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By XxxLynna_le Updated
Characters Haechan
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By llhaen Updated
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Characters haechan
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By callmeonmoonlight_08 Updated
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*妈朋儿李东赫×你 (几句话njm *非常不负责任の爱情喜剧

Odyssey (Haechan Lee)

By mandalee Updated
Tags  angst   bestfriends   romance   jungjaehyun   selfdiscovery   marklee   johnnysuh   leejeno   nct   nct127   haechan   haechanxyou   nct2020 
Characters haechan
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Haechan made a wish. One, to see you again. Two, for you to get your freedom. Little did he know that you would be granted with both and it would leave him in complete, utter pain.

Good night, sleep tight.

By callmeonmoonlight_08 Updated
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How do you like your eggs in the morning?

By damaraarsinoe Updated
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Finding me in you. I N -CITY #2

By mandalee Updated
Tags  romancefluff   marklee   leejeno   nct   haechan   kimdoyoung   haechanxyou   wayv   nct2020 
Characters haechan x you
With 4 chapters, 48 votes, 239 subscribers, 1710 views, 53 comments, 11233 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

The death of your boyfriend of five years had broken you in so many ways.  Your world came crashing down and everything you thought you had disappeared into nothing.  So you decide to take time off to travel until you meet one guy at a bar. 

Best Boy

By taeilmeyourw1sh Updated
Characters Haechan x reader
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Status [M], Completed

Artificial Love

By Hyuck-obsessed Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   scifiau   donghyuck   nct   nct127   haechan   nctdream   ncthaechan   nctdonghyuck   haechanxyou   haechanxreader 
Characters Haechan x Reader
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Where Donghyuck and y/n meet each other in a social experiment that forces participants to stop their use of oxopressyn. Chapters: (It’s a work in progress but it’ll probably be more than 3 lol) Pairing: Haechan x Reader Genre: angst, fluff, dystopia TW: tba in every chapter if necessary A/N: This is the first long fic I’m writing in a long time and I am trying my best to make it good, so I’m sor

Haechan Timestamps

By Hyuck-obsessed Updated
Tags  fluff   fluffy   donghyuck   nct   nct127   haechan   nctdream   donghyucknct   haechanxyou 
Characters Haechan x Reader
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Short Donghyuck x Reader drabbles, all fluff :)