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When your name is Jangmi a.k.a, Rose and you're friends with Byun Baekhyun who is addicted to puns and cheesy pickup lines...

Life is not so... Rosy.




This story is a hybrid of Kyungsoo's Rose and Baekhyun's Bambi




Tags: Collegeau, bestfriends to lovers of sort, flufffff also ONE SHOT, teeeennny tinnnnyyy angst

If you want a soft, cute story but don't have a lot of time in your hands to read chaptered ones... please... read this one. ^^

It's a feel-good story in some ways


This story is especially for SehunieNuna

Love ya!


Trigger Warnings: Overload of cheesy and lame puns and pick-up lines. If you can't handle these, please click away! You've been warned!!! There is also a biker Baekhyun so er... that should be included in TW 

This is one shot so it will be uploaded shortly before Nirvana <3



Poster by Boba darling :): She closed her studio but there are still freebies to grab :')

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The current poster is Nuna's LOVE T^T Once again





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Chapter 2: This is so cute!!! 😭💖

This has been on my list for days now but I didn't have enough time to read anything due to work but I got a little time today and saw that I've been saving this and i just noticed that it was written by you so I knew i have to read this asap!!

Let's be honest and admit that those puns are REALLYYY GOOD lmao 😭 but I like the fact that this involves family matters. It's making everything sooo realistic. Of course in reality, our lives won't revolve around love only. Maybe I just find that part very true since I'm an asian too 😅 but what I'm trying to say is, this fanfic has the right amount of fluff and angst that even the ending is perfect! Baekhyun is really cute and the fact that he's willing to change to be someone who he thinks worthy of her love is making him 10000x cuter!! (╥﹏╥) I also like that Jangmi decided to take baby steps first and she knows her priorities. I get that she wants everything around her to be alright first before starting a relationship with Baekhyun. That will surely prevent complications in life. And after all her sacrifices for her family? Gosh she really MUST continue her plans of getting a job and her own place. She deserves it. And he also deserves to be in her future plans. •́ ‿ ,•̀

This is so cute and sweet!! Didn't regret spending my free time reading this! Thank you so much for writing this! 💖
Chapter 2: I had so much fun and rollercoaster of emotions while reading this! I will now go and imagine jangmi and baek happy in the future with jung 👀💕(And actually the first pun of the story made me laugh 😂) btw I'm also and Indian exol! And your pfp is amazing XD
omg, i love love love bffaus so much!!! PLUS, your poster is so cute T__T i can't wait to read this soon!!! :D you even have 18k words omg i'm blessed 😭 i love fluffy romcoms that are feel-good, THIS IS AMAZINGGGG I CAN'T WAIT <3
Chapter 2: NOOOO OH MY GAWD I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FINALLY READING THIS MASTERPIECE THIS IS SIMPLY PERFECTION SHUT UPPPP *cries* Girl for real what the MY EYES HAVE BEEN BLESSED *cries harder* And I mean, I seriously feel so warm rn??? Like this story has all the fluff and butterflies and [insert nonsenical squeals] I didn't even know I NEEDED in ma life till now??? Lmao Cuz u know I fkn love your writing style and how beautiful your stories are BUT DAMN this one just hits different??? *tries to breath* I loved the plot, I simply LOVED Baekhyun's dorky soft puppy-like character and OMG all those references to D.O's Rose???? Nonono I'm sold, I'm fkn sold dude lmfao I also really like the fact that the OC here's so different from usual u know?? Cuz I mean this girl doesn't even WANT Baekhyun to be her lover??? Like how is that even possible, she just loves him as a person and as a friend and THAT'S SO DAMN REFRESHING— girl said 'look I have my priorities straight but u know what, just cuz you're cute, I'm gonna give u a chance LET'S EXPERIENCE HAPPINESS TOGETHER' am I right??? Like ✨HER MIND✨ I loved their relationship so muchhhh, they were cheesy and funny and SO CUTE~ god I can't stop talking here SOMEONE PLZ SHUT ME UP lololol

So yeah, I'm done lmao Tysm for your hard work here, hun, this was such a lovely story I honestly can't stop smiling *wipes a tear* Till your next one! ♡♡♡♡
Manasa25 #6
Chapter 1: I kept singing Rose's english version while I was reading this fic. " If you need a lover... let me know o ooo....."
The wordplay and pun is cleverly done here authornim. It's too cute.