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"It's a perfect day for the Bears to get their backsides handed to them wouldn't you agree Ian?"

"The weather is wonderful, I have the best seat in the house, thanks to you."

"My pink Packers jersey is a show stopper and my drink is cold and delicious."

The only thing that could possibly ruin my day is if the Bears come back by some miracle and win this game."

"Therese will you please shut up some of us are trying to watch the game."

Look at him, all red faced, lips pressed into a thin line.

He is pissed off and I am loving it! 

"You and your Packers can go straight to Madison!" He yells and I loose it.

"It is not my fault your beloved Chicago Bears are loosing and even worse they are loosing in their own home."

"You would think that they would have the home field advantage."

"Next time do not make bets you are sure to loose mmmkay." I say to him.

He folds his arms across his chest and I bite my lip to avoid laughing in his face.

"I do not know what made you think they were going to win anyway the are on a six game loosing streak while the Packers are 8-0."

"I do not even gamble and I knew those odds are bad."

"Woman do you ever shut up?" 

"You came here and sat next to me to jinx my team!" 

"Me a jinx? How do you figure?"

"Your mouth that never shuts is how I figure."

I burst out laughing at his lame comeback and he looks at me evily.

"You will need alot more than superstition to win this game boo, the Packers are already ahead by 22 points."

"It is only the beginning of the second quarter it is still anybody's game."

"You are delusional I'll bet you still believe in the tooth fairy and coaches made from pumpkins huh?"

"Will you shut up woman!?" No wonder you don't have a man all you do is talk mess!" He said.

I snorted "What does that have to do with the Bears losing this game?" I replied.

Ohh he is big mad if looks could kill I'd be dead.

I giggle loving it!

"I will leave you alone to pout I need another drink anyway do try to have a good time while I am gone."

"I know I will just thinking about the cherry red Gucci pumps I will be buying or should I say you'll be buying makes up for me having to put up with your foul mood this afternoon." I cackle walking away feeling his eyes drilling holes in my back.

"Hey the game is not over yet!" He yells.

I laugh to myself walking to the concession stand.

"Who is he kidding? This game was over before it began."

He is smug and arrogant and I am so glad to get the chance to knock that cocky grin off his face once and for all.

We met five years ago at my best friend Yessenia's brothers wedding.

He had the nerve to call me a stuck up witch because I didn't fall all over him like all the other women were.

I scoff thinking about it.


 Five Years Ago

I was exhausted after working a double shift at the bakery.

My feet were killing me and my thoughts were to make it home eat something hot, have a shower and sleep off this horrible exhausting day away.

I am in bed for all of five minutes before my room mate an best friend comes in looking at me like I ate her last piece of cheesecake.

"You forgot didn't you?" She cried.

"What huh?" I say slurring my words.

"I can't believe this!" She screamed.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I asked in a sleepy haze.

"Are you asleep? Therese how could you?"

I am still half sleep, brain fried from my long day at work not to mention I took a muscle realxer for my stiff back and shoulders I had no idea who this girl even was at that moment let alone what she was talking about.

"Huh what? What did I do now?" I said sitting up looking around.

"Jameson's wedding? Michael and Jillian? Does any of that ring a bell?" She said.

I looked at her and my eyes bulged out of their sockets.

Her ex boyfriend Michael was her brothers best man and he is bringing his new girlfriend our former friend Jillian as his date.

"Oh crap I forgot give me an hour!"





Four hours later I have managed to stay awake and keep her seperated from her ex and his new boo thang and murdering her brother for even having him there to begin with.

Her brother's new wife Amelia is sitting next to me trying to talk Yessy off the ledge while I try to not fall asleep in the bowl of clam chowder in front of me.

Those muscle relaxers had long been kicked in at this point.

I am sitting up with my back ram rod straight watching the clock thinking to myself I made it through the wedding and in twenty minutes I will have been at the reception for almost two hours.

If I can make it for another twenty minutes I can leave without it being considered uncivilized.

And with Yessy being more than slightly intoxicated I can use that as the excuse.

My plan was looking more and more plausible as Yessy was on the verge of homicide at any given moment.

I look at the clock and it starts to blur.

"Oh no! I got to get out of here." I lean over to Amelia.

"I think it is time we made our exit." I said.

"I agree because I am afraid of what will happen in the next few minutes if you don't."

"Oh look it's Ian!" Amelia jumps up happily hugging a man who just walked over to our table.

They chat happily for a few minutes then she turns to us.

"You already know Yessenia, this is her room mate and best friend Therese, Therese this is my favorite cousin Ian."

I look at him and nod my head briskly in his direction.

The pills are making me feel really out of it and I need to get out of here now.

I jump up quickly and grab Amelia by the arm.

"I am sorry Amelia we gotta go, I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and give my best to Jameson and please explain everything." I say finally looking at her guest's face.

Oh my, my breath catches this man is gorgeous! Holy crap and I am too out of it to flirt.

Oh well when I am clear headed later I will feel really sad about this lost opportunity but right now I am too stoned to care. 

I pull Yessy's arm over my shoulder and we attempt to exit out of there quickly.

"What a stuck up witch." I hear him say and I frown.

Is he talking about me? 

"Ian!" I hear Amelia yell.

I almost turn around and confront him but Yessy begins to cry even more so I let it go.

This is not the time or the place for that nonsense and I will never see this guy again so why get bent out of shape about the opinion of a stranger who had no idea what's really going on.

Just thinking about that day burns me up! I don't even follow football nor do I care about who wins the Superbowl but this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

To see the cocky grin fall off his face was good enough for me but winning money as well? Now that is the icing on the cake.






She thinks she knows everything!

Blah Blah Blah is all I hear when she speaks.

Everyone loves her she is so smart, she has a master's degree, she put herself through school, she lived in Paris, she can sing like an angel, she speaks French fluently. 

She may have all of them fooled but not me! She is so stuck up and bougie!

To think I actually found her attractive and wanted to meet her so much.

I scoff at the memory of Amelia's wedding.

I noticed her immediately when she walked in and sat on Jameson's family's side of the chapel.

She was gorgeous.

She was wearing a plum colored sheath dress that stopped right under her knees with matching open toe heels.

He hair was in a half up and half down style that looked lovely on her.

She was really quiet throughout the whole ceremony.

I saw her sitting at the table with Amelia and her sister in law and I saw a chance to introduce myself and to see if she wanted to dance.

Yessinia was drunk and crying that much was obvious as I got closer to their table.

Amelia spotted me and I knew I wouldn't have to do any work I'd just let her introduce me and let my smile reel her in.

She barely acknowledged my existence! She gave me a nod and didn't even have the decency to look me in the face! 

What a stuck up witch! I thought to myself.

Or so I thought I did, when Amelia slapped my shoulder I realized I sai

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