Smitten Within Minutes

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The invitation to come over for dinner seemed out of the blue, but your best friend and you haven’t spent much time together in a while. Standing in Mina’s kitchen drinking a glass of wine while she cooks makes up for that lost time. You also realize how much more of an adult she is than you as you stand out of the way because you’re essentially useless in the kitchen.

“Have you been seeing anyone?” Mina asks, glancing over at you taking a large sip of wine.

“No, I’ve been too busy to even talk to you.”

“So no plus one for the wedding?”

“Your wedding isn’t until next year. I’ve got time,” you remind her.

She hums like she’s thinking and peers down at her phone at a new notification. Her eyes are wide as she dashes into her room.

“Are you okay?” You call out.

A present is in her hand when she comes back. It is sat on the counter next to you, and she looks at you expectantly. There isn’t a special occasion for you to receive a gift, so you hesitantly pull out the tissue paper. Peeking inside, a folded shirt has the words “Maid of honor” in glitter across the chest. Your eyes shoot up to Mina.

“Will you?”

You cast the shirt and bag aside and pull your best friend into a hug. Tears well up in your eyes as you rock her side to side.

“Of course I will,” you say with a sniffle.

“Good, because Mingi and the best man are about to be here for dinner, and it would have been real awkward if you had said no.”

“Wait, wha-”

Her front door opens with Mingi and San strolling in. A smirk forms on San’s face when he sees you.

“Please be civil,” Mina whispers to you before going to greet her fiancé.

“I should have known something was up when you started cooking so much food,” you grumble, glowering at San.

“Nice to see you, too,” San quips, and you roll your eyes.

“You two are already drinking?” Mingi asks playfully.

“I had to loosen her up somehow,” Mina jokes gesturing to you.

As Mina and Mingi finish cooking, you sit at the dining table with another glass of wine. No matter how many glasses you have, San will still get on your nerves. Just like right now, he’s sitting at an adjacent side of the table, studying you as if he’s waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

He leans onto the table with his forearms, getting closer to your ear.

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to an older woman.” His quiet, dirty words ring in your ear as he leans back so casually.

Bewilderment must be clear on your face if his pleased-as-hell expression is anything to go by.

“What happened to me n

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f3riy4l #1
Chapter 9: please update soon :(((
Chapter 9: OMG! Welcome back!!
As a late 20s currently single adult, mc is resonating to me way too well!

Also is seonghwa the 2nd lead??coz I'm here for it
momoxia #3
Chapter 9: Her anxieties and insecurities are just too real and relatable for me. And those little sweet gestures from San, oh gosh😭 I can't.
And thank you for the update!
Chapter 9: Uh I wouldn't mind bday and if it is San handing out my gift then I'm celebrating several times a year 😜
Great update! Thank you!!
Chapter 8: This is a blessing.. Will wait for the next updatr 💚💚
momoxia #6
Chapter 8: I'm crying because this story is so good and I've been missing them😭
Chapter 8: I would say that they both have it pretty bad for one another. I got a feeling that we might see fireworks sometime when they eventually connect.
Chapter 7: Their "relationship" is moving forward of sorts. When San needed someone to lift his spirits he called her and when she needed the same she agreed to his late night outing. It will continue to intrigue me how this plays out as the story progresses.
Thank you for the update!!!
Chapter 6: Such a great, GREAT update!! Everyone has insecurities and as we get older some if them magnify in our minds. I totally get where she is coming from. Nothing looks good on me!! Plus all the good ones are taken!!
F this b.s. Lady! Go get yourself some San!!