Love Shot

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He cares a lot about the people around him, and it doesn’t seem fair that the one person he cares most for doesn’t return that same affection.


⇢ Pairing: Frat!Yunho x Bartender!Reader (gender neutral) ft. bff San and Mingi

⇢ Genre: Fluff with dashes of angst, College!au

⇢ Warnings: Language, toxic relationship, alcohol consumption

Jeong Yunho, Double Major in Business and Dance: Overtly friendly and accidentally funny, tends to put everyone before himself (which can be a good and bad thing), always ends up being the designated driver for his fraternity brothers, wants to work with children and teach them how to dance.

Reader, Hospitality Management Major, Full-Time Bartender: Outgoing yet reserved, has a low tolerance for rude people, deals with wild customers every shift without fail, and aspires to work where they can meet people of worldly backgrounds.

Same Universe: Hazelnut Latte (San), Background Music (Seonghwa)

Originally posted on my Ateez Tumblr


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Chapter 1: Loved it
199 streak #2
Chapter 1: Oh the imagination runs wild to the future of these two! ty for this!