Hazelnut Latte

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The coffee shop down the street has a new barista and he can't stop charming the customers in the drive-thru.


⇢ Pairing: San x Reader (gender-neutral)

⇢ Genre: Fluff, College!au, Barista!au 

⇢ Warnings: Language

San, Business Major with a Dance Minor, Part-time barista: works the late shift at Beans 'N Cream where he charms the drive-thru and annoys his manager, prefers hanging out with his small group of friends despite knowing literally everyone, and dreams of opening a dance studio with his friend

Reader, Film Major: accidentally procrastinates until last minute, likes to skip class sometimes, more worried about their dog than anything else, runs on caffeine, and constantly embarrassed by their friends

Same Universe: Background Music (Seonghwa), Love Shot (Yunho)

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