Quarter-Life Crisis

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You left your apartment earlier tonight thinking you were only going to suffer through a dinner with your friends, your best friend’s boyfriend Mingi, and his friends for a short while. But the moment her boyfriend dropped to his knee, you knew the night was far from over.

A quarter-life crisis hits you as you watch the scene unfold. Your best friend Mina starts crying, and Mingi has the biggest smile on his face. Yet your heart drops, somehow disappointed. 

Mina’s parents and your parents have been friends since before the two of you were born. You grew up together as if you were siblings. Being a few years older than Mina, you have always expected to do things first, especially getting married, but college and your job took priority, leaving no time for any kind of relationship. Even those things haven’t gone well. This shouldn’t upset you as much as it is because you’re not actively looking to be in a relationship, let alone caring to be in one. Yet it still somehow feels like you’ve failed, falling behind in life and expectations, and you kind of want to throw up. You’re happy for Mina, but you didn’t want this to happen just yet.

Mingi has been dating Mina for a few years, and he is nothing less than perfect for her. It’s just his boy friends you’re afraid will rub off on him and ultimately hurt your best friend. Specifically, San; for the entire time of knowing him, he has never had a steady relationship, you’ve caught his one night stands leaving his and Mingi’s apartment, and you have seen how he seduces those girls with those stupid bedroom eyes, his annoying smirk, and that goddamn eyebrow he can never keep still. He oozes charisma, and you don’t trust him.

While Mingi slips the ring onto your friend’s finger, your eyes scan the reactions of your friends. They either look s

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f3riy4l #1
Chapter 9: please update soon :(((
Chapter 9: OMG! Welcome back!!
As a late 20s currently single adult, mc is resonating to me way too well!

Also is seonghwa the 2nd lead??coz I'm here for it
momoxia #3
Chapter 9: Her anxieties and insecurities are just too real and relatable for me. And those little sweet gestures from San, oh gosh😭 I can't.
And thank you for the update!
Chapter 9: Uh I wouldn't mind bday and if it is San handing out my gift then I'm celebrating several times a year 😜
Great update! Thank you!!
Chapter 8: This is a blessing.. Will wait for the next updatr 💚💚
momoxia #6
Chapter 8: I'm crying because this story is so good and I've been missing them😭
Chapter 8: I would say that they both have it pretty bad for one another. I got a feeling that we might see fireworks sometime when they eventually connect.
Chapter 7: Their "relationship" is moving forward of sorts. When San needed someone to lift his spirits he called her and when she needed the same she agreed to his late night outing. It will continue to intrigue me how this plays out as the story progresses.
Thank you for the update!!!
Chapter 6: Such a great, GREAT update!! Everyone has insecurities and as we get older some if them magnify in our minds. I totally get where she is coming from. Nothing looks good on me!! Plus all the good ones are taken!!
F this b.s. Lady! Go get yourself some San!!