saudade (it's still you)

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Ahn Yujin and Kim Minjoo got chosen as the main lead couple of a short romantic film for their major project.


And throughout the filming—hidden secrets started to unveil, past continued to haunt, and true feelings became even more difficult to hide.



whoops, im back with a long fic which i really hope that i can finish lmao~ anyway, ig bear with me as english is not my native language. you might spot tons of mistakes or errors throughout the read, and i apologize in advance also, updates will be irregular. as usual, since im a er of cliche, slow burn, angst, and fluff... expect them~ and here's a new one, the addition to the team! let's welcome, tension!


that's just all~ please do leave a comment and upvote!


WARNING: i might abandon this fic after a few updates so prepare your heart. (lol)


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