saudade (it's still you)
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Yujin slowly fluttered her eyes open the moment her alarm went ringing non-stop, waking her up from her deep slumber, and reached for the table beside her bed, lazily turning off the blasting noise coming from her phone.


When the alarm went off, she placed her phone back to the table and heaved a sigh, closing her droopy eyes for a few seconds and once she gathered enough energy, she slowly rose up from her comfortable bed and peeled off the soft thick comforter away from her body.


Her bed was still trying to pull her down, and her body almost gave up into the temptation—the thought of passing the papers she created for her major subject slowly came out from the back of her brain. It kept her from going back to sleep and not consider skipping classes.


Took hell for her to make that assignment, there’s just no way she won’t pass that because she wants more sleep.


Halfheartedly, she finally swung her feet from her bed and to the floor, slipping into her fluffy slippers and stood up before padding towards the bathroom while rubbing her droopy unfocused eyes. She opened the lights on, and the familiar sight of her bathroom came into her view then went to the marbled sink.


After washing her face, her drowsiness lessened but she remained groggy and lazy. She also brushed her teeth afterwards and then stepped inside the shower to take a short hot bath that might wash off her whole sleepiness away from her system.


It did, somehow. Yujin needed that.


Showering didn’t take long, she doesn’t need to bathe that long anyway. The tall girl then exited the bathroom, only wearing a robe while rubbing her wet long locks with a towel, trying to at least dry some water off her hair.


Yujin shrugged the robe off herself, exposing her body to the light coldness of her room, shivering a bit but she paid no mind to it as she opened her big closet.


By the time she finished dressing herself up, her phone started to ring—someone is calling her. She glanced at it, checking who’s the caller and just rolled her eyes when she read a familiar contact name before picking it up.


“Hello?” Yujin greeted, voice still hoarse then walked over the mirror, and checked herself. Her other free hand moved to fix the collar of her shirt, tugging it gently to make it look proper.


There was a shuffling noise at the other line, Yujin waited patiently. “Ah, Yujin-ah!” Yena’s familiar loud voice greeted her, and as usual, bright and noisy. “Are you already on your way to school?” A question had been thrown.


The girl let out a small huff, turning away from the mirror to fix her bag using just one hand. “Not yet. I’m still going to get myself some breakfast. Why?” She asked, zipping the bag shut after double checking if all of her stuff was already inside.


“Just checking. I thought you might’ve overslept,” The older replied from the other line, followed by a cackle. Yujin just grumbled something under her breath, getting her bag and slung it on her shoulder, then picked up her sweater from her bed and headed to the kitchen downstairs.


“Geez, what a concerned friend you are, Yena-unnie.” It was more like a sarcastic reply but Yena remained oblivious, taking the said compliment with her whole heart.


Yujin reached the kitchen not long after, dropping her bag off to the stool near the counter, and hung her sweater on the backrest of it. She then started to roam around the decent-sized kitchen, finding something appealing to eat. “I know right!” Yena beamed and the younger just clicked her tongue, opening the cupboard and found some cereals, maybe cereals will suffice.


“Whatever,” Yujin gruffed, taking the box of cereal and closed the cupboard, placing it on the marbled counter a few steps away from her and continued to waddle to the fridge. “Anyway, I might use my motorcycle today. It’s been a while too.”


There was a sharp gasp from the other line. “Really? That’s nice. Let’s go to the school together then. I’ll just fetch Chaewon.” She responded, quite enthusiastic but that’s Yena for you—she’s just chirpy and naturally bright.


“Hmm ‘kay, I’ll just wait for you guys near Starbucks. Need to get some coffee for Kkura-unnie. I’m kinda lazy to make coffee for her.” Yujin replied blankly, reaching for the milk and lightly kicked the fridge close, walking across the kitchen to get some bowl and spoon.


“Alright. See you in a bit then~” Yena sang, and Yujin just hummed, dropping the call after and poured her full attention to her breakfast. She actually wanted some eggs and bacon, fried rice too but there’s not much time and she’s not in the mood to cook.


Cereal is such a lifesaver. Preparing them isn’t that much of a hassle too. Yujin would like to thank whoever made cereal.


She silently prepared her breakfast of the day, and ate it quickly. The kitchen is quiet and neat, but the silence made Yujin feel relaxed and content yet a little bit lonely too. She’s never the one who likes noises anyway, makes her ears hurt so this tranquility in this spacy and cozy apartment is such a blessing to her.


It’s been a year since she decided to move out from her parents’ house and live alone instead. She’s already used to being alone in her home but of course, she tends to get lonely sometimes. Well, Yena and her other close friends visit every weekend or if there’s an occasion but Yujin’s mornings are just plain cold and lonely, always every morning.


After finishing her cereal, she stood up from her seat and washed the dishes clean, placing it back into the plate rack. She then grabbed a fresh banana from the fruit basket in the middle of the counter, peeling it and ate it while scrolling on her phone.


There are some notifications on Twitter, and messages from their group chat. She dropped by to greet them ‘good morning’ and went back to the blue bird app, gently chuckling at the morning tea (it’s just Nako and Sakura bickering about something stupid again).


Once she was done eating the banana, she threw the peel away into the trashcan and wore her blue sweater, slinging her bag on her shoulders and strided out of the kitchen, not forgetting to turn off the lights.


She opened the cabinet near the door, grabbing her keys and wore her sneakers, finally exiting her apartment unit and double checked if it’s thoroughly locked and went on her way after.


The basement parking lot is spacious and wide, and the occupiers of the apartment units are allowed to get one parking space. But since Yujin is not an ordinary occupier of a room here, she got herself some private garage where her two cars and motorcycle are parked.


(The high-end apartment building is owned by her favorite uncle, and so, it’s not surprising she gets other big benefits.)


Yujin punched in the code, and the garage door went up, creating a small noise of metal creaking and she winced a bit, and once she could slip her body through the gap, she entered.


Bringing her finger to glide the tip of it on the hood of her car, the girl silently walked to her bike covered with a clean cloth and took it off from it, throwing it away on the side and a smile crept on her lips.


Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. It’s a gift from her father.


Soon after, the graceful good-looking motorcycle came into life. Yujin let out a small amused whistle at the noise it made when she lightly twisted the handle grip. Still in good condition, thankfully.


It’s been a month since she ever used her blue bike around.


She checked if there’s still enough gas before putting on her helmet, swinging her long leg across the bike and settled herself onto the seat. And after a few seconds of making sure that everything’s set, she finally drove away—the garage closing on its own.


The traffic was not heavy, thankfully, and Yujin managed to reach the not so heavily crowded Starbucks earlier than she expected. She went in after parking her motorcycle on the lot, garnering some attention from people around but she ignored it.


When she got her order, Yena and Chaewon just also reached the shop. They’re waiting for her outside, still on Yena’s black Honda CBR150R. The couple gave Yujin a nod as a greeting, and the latter asked if they would get some coffee, but they just shook their heads and said that they should head to the school now.


Yena went first, with Chaewon clinging on her back while Yujin drove just behind them, trailing close behind the dashing vehicle. Not long after, with their great speed and skills, they reached their school’s parking space just after a few minutes of ride.


Because of the noises of their big bikes, they earned some attention which they’re already used to. Yujin doesn’t like it though, makes her uncomfortable but she’s just that… head turner.


The younger took off her helmet, raking her fingers through her hair to fix it and turned to the couple beside her, Yena was properly parking her motorcycle while Chaewon watched her, holding the coffee cups (the beverages that Yujin bought, she volunteered to hold it for her so she wouldn’t have a hard time driving).


“Thank you for holding these, unnie.” Yujin said, approaching Chaewon closer and the latter chuckled, handing her the cups.


Chaewon threw her a wink, “No problem.”


“Okay, let’s go~ Sakura said she’s with Nako and Hyewon at the entrance.” Yena beamed, taking off her helmet and stray hair blocked her face, and her caring girlfriend tucked it behind her ear for her.


Yujin grimaced, walking ahead of the couple, tightly holding the cup holder as she made her way towards the crowdy school grounds. She immediately spotted her other friends from the distance, seemingly waiting for them.


And as the girl walked towards there, her eyes went over to glance at the side—where the brick signage is. Her gaze tracing the metal letters, creating their school’s name. Diamond All-Girls College.


“Oh my god, coffee, bless you Ahn Yujin.” Was the first thing Sakura greeted her with, taking the coffee holder from her hand, taking one cup before shoving the other one back to her. Sakura just only slept for two hours after playing games non-stop so she’s desperately in need of caffeine.


They all snickered as they huddled at the corner of the entrance, they’re not being a nuisance and still have some decency in them so they’re not blocking the way inside the building at all.


Sakura chugged down the still warm coffee like cold water after an intense workout for hours, straight. Yujin just calmly took a sip from her cup, the bitter yet delicious taste of coffee lingering around so good.


Coffee is a gift from the gods.


“Guys, have you heard?” Yena started off, usual morning gossip or tea. She has ears around, perks of being a social butterfly—she knows a lot of news around this school, be it old or new, bad or good.


Nako is a very nosy person so she’s the most excited, scooting closer to Yena so she can hear the older clearly, wearing a bright devilish smile.


Ten minutes left and the bell will ring but there’s always time for gossips and hot teas, as one would say.


“I heard from Mr. Yoon that they would announce the most-awaited requirement slash project of the fourth years today!” Yena blurted out, eyes sparkling as she shared it and Nako blinked, beaming as it rang a bell to her.


“Ah yes that,” The small girl piped in, nodding a little as she continued. “It’s the short film, right?” She confirmed and Yena nodded furiously as a response while Hyewon let out a snort.


“It’s every non-fourth years of DAGC student’s dream. They really anticipate that once they reach the last year. But I don’t see the appeal to it, I don’t see why it’s worth the hype? It’s not really necessary to the subjects,” Hyewon said, honestly giving out her opinion towards the project.


Yena gasped, not liking the slander at all. “It’s exciting!” She just exclaimed with a squeak and Chae

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