Fatal Devotion
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"She was a ray of sunshine, a warm summer rain, a bright fire on a cold winter’s day, and now she could be dead because she had tried to save the man she loved." Grace Willows



It was a night of deception.

Another night of dirtying his hands.

Byun Baekhyun always finished what he started.

Being a top ranked hitman and the best in his line of work, he knew for fact that he must finish what he started.

But hunting on Saturday night felt like bad news.


He always hated weekends, let alone having to finish off a target on one.

Things were already complicated by the time he reached his destination. He could only imagine how he's going to spend the rest of the night as he reached the rooftop of the building effortlessly, scanning the place warily before walking into the open air while dragging his black leather bag along with him.

Whenever someone needed a person to vanish off the face of the earth without a trace, they ask him for the job.

What mattered the most to him was that they're going to pay him well.

Really really well.

It wasn't like he didn't like what he was doing.

Actually, Baekhyun loved his job, which allowed time to do it without comparing his performance to others. The thrill of chasing someone till death will always be his favorite part. He would deal with his targets as smooth as it should be, finishing them off without even batting an eyelid. He was trained to never show mercy before he was trained to kill. He was a hired killer, an assassin by trade. He had enjoyed the best education and had been trained by assassins who had been considered the best in the business. Cleaning Turned into an occupation because he really enjoyed endings more than beginnings. He learned that the first step to become an assassin was to get rid of any form of fear, sympathy or humanity. 

He seemed like someone who kills to fill that hole inside of his chest where his soul used to be. Maybe it's the only thing he had ever been and always will be good at. It may be a terrifying thing to admit but when he laid in his bed at night, he slept with no remorse or regret.

Why be the sheep when you can be the wolf? Baekhyun wondered when everything went wrong with his family a few years back. Becoming the wolf he is today was purely his own decision.

Choosing the wrong path happened willingly.

He might not admit it but killing became his only escape from the cruelty that life offered him. His comfort zone was simply related to weapons, blood, screams, sweat and explosive. There was nothing in between. If he's close enough to his targets, he would like to witness them begging him in despair to spare their lives but if he's far away from them, he would simply like to watch their lifeless bodies lay onto their own pool of blood once he fires the gunshot.

He was one hell of a murderous, ruthless bastard, everything wrong and everything right. A mixture of fire and ice if they could meet. He was hotter than hell but maybe as cold as stone. Someone who has no limits-- someone who knew when to kill and when to not. He was devious, twisted, and vicious in his own way.

If he were to enter someone's life, he would kill all of their dreams.

That's how dangerous he was.

Just like fear.

Just like anxiety.

Just like death.

After slipping his hands into the black leather gloves, the next step was to unpack his favorite pistol while chewing on a piece of gum absentmindedly.

His mind has been held hostage by that certain girl for months.

Someone he could never forget.

Was he foolish to keep thinking about her even when he's on duty? Were the sleepless nights and crazy rides he spent thinking about her not enough?

The night felt colder than before at the thought of her again. It sent cold shivers down his spine while laying on his stomach with his

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