Fatal Devotion
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        "I was living a peaceful life before meeting him. I figured that there's a fine line between safety and danger. Life was awesome when I was safe, but then he walked in, snatching my peaceful life away and making me realize that he's the real danger," Jung Edia.


🟠🟠🟠(W): Cursing and slight angst (+7K)


It's crazy how Edia's friend was able to turn her parents villa into a club for that night. It was electric as hell, everyone feeding off of the smiles and fast dancing. Edia felt like she could go like that all night without feeling tired. After all, dancing and drinking her off were her favorite hobbies. With her feet moving to the crazy beat like they belong to the music, she bobbed her fists in the air while shouting happily, urging her friends to go wild like her.

She moved in her red short dress like her hips were made to sway. Her eyes darted around quickly when she heard her name being called. As soon as she caught a glimpse of her friend, Cara, waving at her from the kitchen, she slipped her way among the crowd, making a beeline for the kitchen counter.

"You rock!" Cara shouted with a grin, handing Edia a whiskey shot as they danced together, swaying their hips from side to side.

Baekhyun reached the chaotic villa. With a hand running through his dark locks, he walked through the entrance, grimacing instantly at the loud music playing in the background. He wasn't sure why the freaking neighbors haven't called the police yet or what the freak they were waiting for.

He pulled Edia's picture from the inner side of his black leather jacket, observing it for a few moments before looking around in search for her, hoping to spot her somewhere. Thinking about their early encounter, he remembered that she was wearing a red dress. Then again, half of the girls around were wearing red, making him curse under his breath.

Baekhyun weaved through the crowd like a pro. The smell of alcohol and smoke made his mind buzz. His eyes kept darting around in attempt to catch a glimpse of Edia. Suddenly his eyes landed on a blond haired girl with red dress dancing with a tall guy. Baekhyun rolled his eyes before making a beeline towards them. 

He reached his hand, grabbing the girl's shoulder before turning her around to face him. He frowned when he was met with a different girl. She gave him a weird look, eyeing his black gloved hand as he shook his head with a mumble of apology. The girl's boyfriend exchanged glares with Baekhyun, making him want to roll his eyes again. He ended up walking away from them.

Having enough of wasting time looking for Edia, he started wondering whether he should go upstairs or just look for her in the backyard. Stopping right in front of the kitchen, he looked down at her picture again with a sigh. Someone needed to remind him why the he's around, and why the he agreed to take the job.

When he saw a random guy passing by-- that surprisingly seemed sober than half of the guys around, Baekhyun grabbed his arm and dragged him towards his direction with a swift movement. The guy halted with a frown when he made eye contact with Baekhyun, feeling cold chills run down his spine because of Baekhyun's cold look.

"Where can I find this girl?" Baekhyun asked, half shouting at the guy for him to be able to hear his question. The loud music wasn't helping him find Edia as well. He pulled Edia's picture in front of the guy's face, raising an eyebrow when he saw the look that crossed the guy's eyes. He knew Edia.

The guy looked up and down Baekhyun's body before pointing at the kitchen without uttering a word. Baekhyun let him go, looking at the kitchen direction.

The kitchen lights were shinning bright unlike the living room and the rest of the villa. A bunch of teenagers were throwing food at each other in the far corner, a few were just messing around the open fridge while Edia and a couple of girls were sitting on the counter with drinks in hand.

Baekhyun could make out her expression clearly, her high cheekbones and mischievous smile. The way her blond bangs fell over her forehead perfectly. Baekhyun tossed her picture back inside his pocket before pulling his phone out to call her father.

Shifting his gaze to look at her again only to find her hopping off the counter while laughing her off at something her friend said. She kept swaying her hips from side to side, sitting the whiskey glass on the counter before slapping her friends arm, still laughing.

A few moments later, she felt a light tap on her shoulder from behind. She her lips before turning around to face Baekhyun with confusion. She blinked slowly when he waved his phone in front of her.

"You want my number?" she asked with a raised eyebrow, eyeing the phone with disbelief.

Baekhyun resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Your father wants to talk with you," he informed her, pressing the phone to her ear.

Edia's eyes widened with realization as she took the phone from him. "Appa?" She frowned when her father spoke. "What? I can't hear you!"

Baekhyun pointed at the glass door in the far corner of the kitchen that led to the backyard. Edia blinked again before walking towards it with him trailing her. Her friends kept sending Baekhyun confused glances, probably wondering who's that and what he's doing around.

"No! But why?!" Edia shouted with frustration when she walked out of the villa. She was finally able to make out her father's words. "But appa it's still early and I don't have classes tomorrow!"

Baekhyun crossed his arms over his chest as he stood in front of her, watching her upset expression casually. She looked like she was about to punch something because of whatever her father was telling her.

"Who's that?!" she questioned, narrowing her eyes before looking at Baekhyun. "Yes... but appa-" her words were interrupted by her father as she listened to what he had to say for a few more moments.

Baekhyun blinked coldly when she huffed with annoyance and reached the phone towards him. "He wants to talk with you," she said with a glare.

"Bring her home even if she doesn't want to," her father ordered Baekhyun before hanging up.

Baekhyun put his phone back inside his pocket before looking at her. "Let's go."

"Let's go?" she questioned.

"Your father said that I should bring you back home," he stated as a matter of fact nodding at the exit. "Let's go."

"It's my best friend's birthday, I'm not going anywhere."

Baekhyun had to pause at this point, looking up and down Edia's tight dress with twitched eye. A few seconds passed with him just staring at her coldly before deciding to walk over to her. She took a couple of steps backwards when she saw him approaching her, not sure what he's up to. Squinting her eyes at his dark clothes and black glove, she found herself gulping.

"Listen girl, it's either you follow me or I'm going to get you out of here forcibly. Stop wasting my time."

"Stop wasting your time and just leave!" she fired, feeling dazzy as hell. It seemed like alcohol was finally working in her system.

Now he realized why her father told him to bring her forcibly. He knew that she was going to resist him. "I'm just doing my job," he stated before walking towards the exit, expecting her to follow him.

Edia gave him a look before running towards the glass door in attempt to get back inside the villa. Instantly, she felt Baekhyun's hand wrap around her waist, turning her body around to face him before pushing her against the glass door with his other hand resting on the doorknob, fixing the door closed.

Edia gasped when his bent his head over to her level, glaring at her the moment they eyes met. She gulped again when he pointed behind him with a scowl.

"The exit's this way," he stated, nodding away.

Edia huffed with annoyance again before making her way towards the exit, knowing fully that he started trailing her instantly. They were met with the artificial glow of street-lamps the moment they burst through the parking lot. Edia looked around with squinted eyes in attempt to spot one of her father's cars. However, she only got disappointed when Baekhyun stood next to a black motorcycle, reaching for the black helmet.

"Where's the car?" she asked when he looked over at her.

"There's no car," he replied coldly. "There's this," pointing at his motorcycle before reaching out the helmet for her to wear. 

"Are you kidding me?" She looked at her mini dress before shifting her gaze to stare at his motorcycle, pressing her lips together.

Baekhyun had to take a deep breath before placing the helmet squarely on her head, making her freeze. She blinked slowly when he started adjusting it to fit her head.

"What are you doing? I'm not riding with you!" she complained, resisting the urge to push him away. When he didn't pay attention to her words, she yelled, "YA!"

Baekhyun halted. "Ya?" he questioned with disbelief before taking a couple of steps backwards.

"Let's hail a taxi!" she yelled again, tapping her left foot onto the ground, pulling an annoyed expression.

Baekhyun started massaging his temples when she walked away without a warning, completely forgetting about the helmet while tossing her handbag in the air, swaying her body from left to right, unable to keep walking straightly. He knew that she must be drunk.

When she exited the parking lot, she stumbled on her own feet and with a short yelp she ended up falling face down onto the ground. She closed her eyes tightly when her bare knees hit the hard pavement. A quiet moan escaped her lips.

"Well done."

She heard Baekhyun say making her wince. She tried to stand up, her heels weren't helping her to do so. She felt her head heavy as for some reason as she stood up, looking down at her bruised knees with shock.

"Nooo," she pouted, giving Baekhyun a glare. 

It literally took him another half an hour between convincing her drunk mind that she must take the helmet off of her head, and to find an available taxi to drive them home. She kept complaining that her head felt heavy, Baekhyun guessed that she was feeling like that because she's drunk. It definitely wasn't because of the helmet. He even left his dear motorcycle behind because of her.

He didn't expect her to throw up the moment she emerged from the taxi once they reached the villa. Baekhyun closed his eyes, feeling extremely exhausted. He never thought that dealing with a teenager would be this hard. He had never done something like that before. He wondered how the hell he's going to manage the rest of the month protecting her.

"Edia!" Keni ran out of the villa in a hurry once she caught a glimpse of them. She looked over at Baekhyun before reaching Edia. "Are you alright?!" Edia coughed while shaking her head and rubbing .

Baekhyun looked at Edia's aunt with a raised eyebrow. He couldn't hear what Edia was mumbling. He just watched her aunt dragging her towards the villa, shooting Baekhyun an apologetic look before disappearing away.

Still thinking to take the same taxi back to where he left his motorcycle, Baekhyun rubbed his face and started walking towards the taxi. However, before he could reach it, he heard Edia's father calling his name from behind, stopping him in his track.

"Mr. Levi!" 

Baekhyun turned to face Sangho.

"Where are you going?" 

Baekhyun sighed. "I'm staying at my friend's house tonight," he teplied simply. "I will be here around eight in the morning."

Sangho frowned. "I thought you're going to spend the night here. It's really fine, we have a couple of guest rooms, you can use one of them-"

Baekhyun shook his head. "I appreciate that. But I have access to my friend's house."

"I thought you can stay over for Edia's safety," Sangho insisted. "Thank you by the way, for bringing her home safely."

Baekhyun eyed the taxi for a moment. "I will be around first thing in the morning," he assured Sangho before continuing his way towards the taxi.

Sangho took a deep breath when he realized that he won't be able to convince Baekhyun to change his mind.

Tomorrow's going to be a fresh start.




"Wait, no way," Sehun mumbled, resisting the urge to roll onto the floor as he laughed his off, slamming his hand against the wooden table in front of him while pointing at Baekhyun.

The latter started regretting the fact that he decided to spend the night at Sehun's house.

"I can't even imagine that," Sehun continued to laugh, his face turned red. "Imagining you as a freaking bodyguard? Oh gosh, I can't!" When Chanyeol told him about Baekhyun's new job he couldn't stop making fun of him, and now seeing Baekhyun in front of him made everything worse.

Baekhyun scowled. "I need to sleep." He hadn't had enough sleep that morning.

"What made you take such a job? You're used to killing people, do you think you can protect the poor girl? I ing pity whoever her father is for trusting you," Sehun said rudely, smirking at Baekhyun. "Does he know that you're a ing hitman?"

Baekhyun sighed, looking down at his gloved hand. "He's friends with Chanyeol's father, he knows everything."

"Yet he decided to hire you?" Sehun scoffed. "When I heard that you're in Busan I thought for a moment that you're here to visit your father."

Silence fell into the room after Sehun's words, making Baekhyun freeze.

"He's been in jail for twelve years and you never thought of visiting him," Sehun continued casually.

Instantly, Baekhyun stood up. "I need to sleep," he said again coldly before making his way towards the exit. The last thing he wanted was to talk about his father. 

"Baekhyun," Sehun called out immediately. "You never answered my question."

"What?" he snapped at Sehun without bothering to face him.

"What made you agree to take the job?" Sehun wasn't convinced that Baekhyun agreed to guard someone's daughter for no reason. He knew Baekhyun. He wasn't the type to agree to do something like that easily. There must be something in it. "Don't tell me it's because Chanyeol's father is friends with the vice chairman."

Baekhyun faced him slowly. "No, it's not because of that."

"I knew there's something wrong with you. You're acting weird," Sehun pointed out with a grin. If there's anything he's good at, that would be reading people.

"There's something fishy about the vice chairman," Baekhyun stated. "He's involved with the gang that trapped my father years ago."

Sehun's eyes widened with shock. "How did you know about that? I thought he's someone clean."

"I saw one of their gang symbols drawn on one of the files he had on his desk when I met him," Baekhyun explained. "Someone as powerful and as rich as him would never be clean." He clenched his jaw. "Also, I think he'd gotten himself in some kind of trouble. Now, they're threatening him with his daughter."

"The one he wants you to protect?" Sehun questioned.

Baekhyun nodded. 

"Is that why you agreed to take the job? To get close to the people who sent your father to jail?" Sehun felt confused as he stood up. "I thought you hate your father, Baek." 

Baekhyun bit his tongue, looking away from him. It was too much for a simple coincidence.

"Doesn't that sound strange to you?" Sehun asked again, crossing his arms over his chest. "It couldn't be a coincidence, could it?"

"What do you mean?"

Sehun fixed him with a look. "What if it's just a trap? What if the vice chairman is planning to trap you through pretending that he needs your help? What if he and his little gang are planning to send you to jail the same way they have done to your father?"

Baekhyun shook his head. "That won't be possible. It's been more than twelve years, Sehun."

"But still, the vice chairman was the one who found you first through Chanyeol's father. You said that he begged you to accept the job. Maybe it's just a plan."

"Nobody knows that I'm Byun Jongki's son," Baekhyun fired back, blinking at Sehun. "They will never know."

Sehun ran a hand through his blond hair. "How are you so sure of that?"

"If the vice chairman is involved with these people, I'm going to find them one after the other," Baekhyun swore. "Then I'm going to make them regret messing with my father."

Sehun didn't say anything and just watched him exit the living room. He knew that nothing on earth will be able to change Baekhyun's mind once he decides to do something.




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