Fatal Devotion
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               "I was one step away from losing her. It was the first time my body reacted on its own accord. I never knew that we're going to stick together ever since that moment, I never knew that we're going to stick together... forever," Byun Baekhyun.


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If Edia hadn't moved backwards the moment she saw Baekhyun running towards her, she would have been dead by now. The relief Baekhyun felt when he threw himself on her after the bullet had missed her arm was unbelievable. It was a moment of utter shock and silence until hell broke loose.

People started running around with panic, screams and yelling followed suit when Baekhyun started urging everyone to bend down, forgetting for a moment about Edia who was laying onto the ground underneath him with her hands pressed against his firm chest. Seconds later, he looked down to find her staring at him with shocked expression, lips parted and eyes widened. She wasn't sure what the hell just happened.

It took her half an hour to realize that someone wanted to kill her, and that her photoshoot session was completely ruined. When the news reached the vice chairman, he was already on his way to see her, that when Edger called him to inform him that she went to the police station to fill a report about what happened.

Sangho walked into the precinct along with his personal chauffeur to find manager Kim and Linda standing outside an office room, waiting for Edia to finish. The vice chairman's eyes darted around to spot Edger and Baekhyun standing in the end of the corridor. Sangho was relieved to see them safe.

"What on earth happened, Mr. Levi?" Sangho asked Baekhyun as soon as he reached him, taking a deep, shaky breath. He almost had a heart attack when he heard that someone tried to shoot Edia.

Edger was quick enough to reply before Baekhyun could, "I was waiting for Miss Edia inside the car when I heard a sudden gunshot coming from somewhere. When I exited the car, I found terrified people running all over the place." Looking at Baekhyun, he continued, "I just knew that Mr. Levi was the one who saved Miss Edia from the gunshot! I wasn't exactly there to witness anything but we tried to get Miss Edia out of there as soon as possible."

Sangho looked at Baekhyun. "Are you okay? How did all of that happen?"

Baekhyun sighed before grabbing Sangho's arm, urging him to walk along with him far away from Edger, wanting to provide him with the details of what happened privately. "I received a phone call from an unknown man," Baekhyun started, making eye contact with Edia's father. "He started threatening me, telling me that I should quit the job or else he's going to shoot Edia."

Sangho's eyes widened with shock. "Wait what? How did he know about you? From where did he get your number?" He was even more confused on why the hell the unknown man wanted Baekhyun to quit the job. And most importantly, how the hell did he know that Baekhyun was Edia's bodyguard in the first place?

"From his voice, I'm pretty sure he's someone I don't know," Baekhyun replied simply, looking like he's about to shoot someone. "He was somewhere near the park watching Edia when he called me."

Sangho clenched his fists. "He must be the same person who sent me the death threat," he hissed. "He must have been watching Edia all the time in order for him to know all those information about you and her." He looked at Baekhyun, "I'm glad you were there with her Mr. Levi. You don't know how much I'm grateful to have chosen you to protect-"

"Mr. Jung," Baekhyun spoke before Sangho could finish his words. "Tell your daughter not to bring my name up in the police report."

Sangho blinked.

"I don't want to get involved with the police," Baekhyun explained.

Sangho seemed to understand because he nodded quickly before making his way towards the office. Baekhyun leaned against the wall behind him, breathing out before closing his eyes, feeling a lump forming in his throat.

A freaking precinct wasn't the best place to be in. 

He hated it.

He hated the police.




Leaving the precinct was like a nightmare with the huge amount of press members they found waiting for them outside. That was the part that Edia hated the most about being the daughter of someone as popular as the vice chairman. She wondered when the hell they actually knew about what happened.

Edia clung onto her father's arm, closing her eyes tightly while trying to avoid the journalists questions. She heard her father explaining everything to them, telling them that she's fine and that she needed some space.

In the midst of everything, Edia felt an arm wrapped around her waist from behind. Her trembling body jolted with surprise as she looked to the side to find Baekhyun nodding at her. She was confused for a moment when he started pulling her gently away from her father.

It took her a few seconds to realize what he was doing. She looked at her father as he nodded at her, giving her the permission to go with Baekhyun. She gulped hard before moving away from Sangho, letting Baekhyun lead her slowly towards the car where Edger was waiting for them.

A couple of journalists tried to step in their way but Baekhyun was quick enough to reach his free arm forward, pushing them out of Edia's way as they walked towards the car quickly. She waved goodbye at manager Kim and Linda before getting into the car, allowing Baekhyun to close the door behind her. Feeling relieved because she's finally away from the crowd, she left the place with Baekhyun and Edger, leaving her father behind to deal with the rest.

She was still confused, lost and a crying mess by the time they reached the mansion. It was her first time witnessing something as terrible as what happened that day. She locked herself in her room for the rest of the day, refusing to speak to anyone, not even to Keni and Hoongi. She just wanted to spend some time alone.

"What are you hiding from me?" Edia asked her father first thing when she walked into the dining area around dinner time, to find him talking with Baekhyun quietly.

Baekhyun ran a hand through his hair before pushing his chair backwards, excusing himself. It was time for him to leave the mansion. Sehun was probably waiting for him back in his house.

"Mr. Levi, stay for tonight," Sangho ordered him. "You proved to everyone today that you're the only one who's capable of protecting Edia. I don't want you to leave the mansion tonight. The person who wants my daughter dead is still out walking freely."

Baekhyun thought for a moment, sending a quick glance at Edia's direction to find her glaring at her father, completely ignoring Baekhyun's existence. He sighed before sitting down again, crossing his arms over his chest. He knew exactly what's coming next. 

Sangho cleared his throat. "Edia-"

"Answer my question," she insisted. "What are you hiding from me?!"

"I am not hiding anything."

"Do you want me to believe that what happened was just a coincidence? You brought a bodyguard for me for no reason and the next day someone tried to kill me, did those things happen by coincidence?" she questioned, narrowing her eyes at her father.

Sangho shook his head. "You know that many people out there are targeting me ever since I become the new vice chairman," he pointed out. "It's completely normal that they will try to go after you just so they can reach me. That's why Mr. Levi is here to protect you! That's why I called him for the job in the first place."

Edia shifted her gaze to stare at Baekhyun for a brief second before scoffing. She crossed her arms over her chest, fixing her father with a glare. "Appa, you do realize that Mr. Levi is a freaking human being right?"

Baekhyun froze.

"It would have been even worse if he had been shot after jumping in front of the flying bullet like a mad man," she continued furiously. "Hiring a bodyguard to protect me doesn't mean that you should feel relieved because he put himself in danger for me!"

"It's his job-" her father tried but she was quick to interrupt him.

"Everything that's happening now is because of you!" She took a few steps forward, pointing at her father. "Umma died because of you! She took a bullet meant for you-"


"UMMA DIED BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO SAVE YOU!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, slamming both of her hands against the table. 

Silence rang in the air, Baekhyun flinched because of what he just learned. The sudden outburst was the last thing he expected from Edia. Not sure where this conversation was heading, he felt out of place sitting there and listening to something as private as that.

"And now what are you doing?" Edia continued after calming herself down. "You're hiring people," she pointed at Baekhyun with her eyes still fixed on her father. "To take bullets for me! You're doing that as if their lives mean nothing to you!"

Baekhyun's eyes darted to Sangho to find him staring at his daughter with shock.

"And you never stop the hell you're doing!" she added. "You still want to become Busan chairman despite everything that's been happening to us! They killed umma, they put a freaking bomb inside your car and now they're trying to kill me, yet you still want to live this kind of life! You still want more power and status!"

Sangho stood up with gritted teeth. "What do you want me to do?!"

She gulped hard, feeling tears forming in her eyes. "I just want my peaceful life back, can you bring it back to me?"

Sangho bit his tongue, staring at her wordlessly.

"That's what I expected," she scoffed before turning around to walk away. However, before she could exit the dinning room, she gave Baekhyun one last look as if she just remembered something. "And you," pointing at him, "This is the last time you put yourself in danger for me! I don't want anyone to protect me. I don't even want to see you around here anymore!"

Sangho sat down, clasping his hands over his face before sighing deeply. A few seconds later, they heard the sound of a door slamming shut loudly somewhere on the first floor. Sangho felt genuinely tired at this point. He knew why Edia refused to accept the idea of having a bodyguard around her all the time.

It wasn't because it will embarrass her in front of her friends. It was because she didn't want to put anyone's life in danger for her. She was still traumatized because of what happened to her mother. It's been almost five years, yet she still can't get over her mother's death.

"Let's carry on with our conversation," Sangho breathed out after a good couple of minutes. He faced Baekhyun. "What were you saying?"

Baekhyun knew that he had to pretend as if nothing happened. He had to pretend as if Edia hasn't just fired him. "I was wondering how did you get my number when you called me for the first time the other morning."

Sangho blinked at him. "Park Chanyeol's father sent it to me through one of his men," he replied carefully.

Baekhyun nodded slowly. "Who else have my number other than you?"

Sangho thought for a second. "Well, literally everyone?" he said with a grimace. "I gave it to Edger, Keni, Hoongi and his mother the other day just in case something unexpected happens. I didn't want to give it to Edia since... you know, she will end up getting rid of it anyway."

"Someone must have given my number to the person who tried to kill Edia today, I assume it's someone who had my number," Baekhyun said casually. 

Sangho frowned. "You mean... it must be one of the villa staff?"

Baekhyun nodded boldly. "Or else how did he get my business line then? It's not easy to get my number if you're an outsider, no... it's impossible to get my number at this point." Even Chanyeol's father was careful when he sent Baekhyun's number to Sangho.

Sangho shook his head. "I trust every person I have here, Mr. Levi. Even you, if Chanyeol's father wasn't the one who recommended you to me, I wouldn't have taken you in for the job."

Something was off in all of what's happening, Baekhyun thought. He felt like Sangho was hiding something-- a secret or maybe even worse. Baekhyun narrowed his eyes at him before speaking again.

"There's something that's been bothering me."

Sangho gulped. "What is it?"

"I don't think the person who called me had any intention to kill your daughter today."

Sangho frowned, not sure what Baekhyun meant. "How did you know?"

Baekhyun fixed him with a serious look. "Well, I don't think a professional hitman would miss a target the way he missed shooting Edia," he replied simply. "Speaking from experience, unless of course, the caller wasn't an actual hitman to start with, which I doubt it's true."

"So what was the point of attacking Edia?" Sangho asked with confusion.

Baekhyun shrugged. "To remind you that they're still after her head and that the death threat is still on." Then his eyes darted around slowly. "But then again what are they trying to do? What do they want exactly? That what confuses me the most."

Sangho kept looking at Baekhyun, thinking deeply. "What are we going to do now?"

"I will try to reach this person before he could know anything about me," Baekhyun declared. "If the wrong person found out about me, you will get in trouble."

Sangho nodded. "I don't even want Edia to know that you're not a real bodyguard. God, this will make things more complicated for sure." He couldn't imagine Edia's reaction if she knows that Baekhyun was actually a hitman. Spending half of her time with a criminal must be terrifying to her.

Baekhyun stood up, excusing himself.

"I will let Keni know that you're spending the night here so she could prepare the guest room for you," Sangho said, pulling his phone out.

Baekhyun bowed at him before making his a beeline towards the exit.

"Mr. Levi," Sangho called one last time, stopping Baekhyun in his tracks. 

Baekhyun blinked slowly, waiting for Sangho to continue.

"Thank you."

Baekhyun was about to speak when the vice chairman added. 

"For everything... I'm truly thankful."




A couple of hours went by really fast, Baekhyun found himself sitting in the backyard with the file that Keni gave him that morning. He couldn't finish reading it because he had to leave the villa with Edia. Thinking about it again, he found himself learning a lot of interesting things about the vice chairman's daughter.

In fact, he realized that Edia must be he most talented soul out there with the knowledge of more than four different hobbies. Aside from modelling and swimming, she rode horses and paint. That besides being part of the drama club at university.

Baekhyun a

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