Fatal Devotion

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         "Every night that he watched over her sleeping form, his urge to protect and take care of her grew. And those weren't the only urges. When she'd throw back the blanket and bare her long legs, it was all he could do not to kneel at her feet, kiss her slim ankles, and slip his hands up her smooth thighs." Amber Belldene.


A day after receiving a death threat regarding his daughter, Jung Sangho found himself with no other choice but to hire a top ranked hitman to protect his nineteen year old daughter. Being the only daughter of a well known politician, Jung Edia spends most of her time fearing for her life. 

Knowing that her new assigned bodyguard is actually a dangerous, intimidating and y hitman with black hair, black motorcycle and black leather glove on his right hand --that he never takes off-- Edia didn't think her life would get any more interesting. 

Between his dark eyes, black glove, dangerous aura and silver coin, Edia felt herself falling deep into his shadows where love flames exist.



Jung Edia (19)          Byun Baekhyun (25) 

LOOK WHAT BAEKHYUN'S BAMBI DID TO ME! I know I have like? 5-6 other stories that I should finish before starting new ones but holy ! I couldn't get this idea out of my head after watching Bambi's MV! I had to put it down before I lose my mind lmao

Alright, now to the usual note lol I'm adding this story to my "Mafia stories" series because obviously, it's gonna be another crazy ride with guns and gangs! And before you ask, YES! This is kind of related to Fatal Perfection and Fatal Attraction as it's gonna focus on Baekhyun and Edia love story ONLY. You can read it as Stand-alone because everything in this story happened SIX years before the start of FP!

As for FP readers, I know Edia told Akan that Baekhyun got married to her to protect her. YES! THAT'S TRUE AND IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN HERE! But before everything, he was her bodyguard and we need to know how their love story started uwu.

Kindly call me Nina if you want to interact :D I'm someone who's NOT sane but I'm super nice lmao. You can talk to me whenever you feel like it. However, don't rush for updates! I will probably start updating this on Baekhyun's birthday around May! So until then, I'm asking you to wait patiently because as ridiculous as it sounds, I have a lot of ongoing fics I need to finish lol

I like mixing AUs so this one will probably be mafiaau+ hitmanau+ bodyguardau+ bikerau because why not? Baekhyun drove everyone crazy nowadays lmao

All exo members will be introduced here! But remember, I only use their names/images to create my inspiration for my fics! I don't own them. This is purely fictional and every character here is from my own imagination :) 

DON'T steal any idea/scene/dialogue! I work really hard to write and put down my thoughts! Please don't steal or copy any of my works! Create your own plots and work hard to deliver them instead of stealing other people's work!

I don't allow translations! Especially if you don't ask for my permission first! Do ask me if you want to translate Fatal Devotion! We can always talk and figure everything out :)


The beautiful poster, background, trailer, and character's banners are by my amazing friend and designer Moon-Walker! Thank you so much sweetheart ❤ Do check her graphic shop out by clicking on the banner below! 

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Chapter 3 is up! I hope you enjoy your time reading it :) kindly let me know what you think! Upvote if you like the story so far hehehe ❤
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