This Thing Called Love

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This thing called love exists all around us.

But what is love?

Love is...

Story Format:
One Shot (for now)

Junmyeon x OC


Angst, Romance, One-sided Love

First Person

Song Inspirations:
"Patawad, Paalam" by Moira Dela Torre & I Belong to the Zoo

Translation: "Forgive, Goodbye"

Hello! So I suddenly had the urge to rewrite one of my very first stories as a single author: This Thing Called Love, which explores the pain of a one-sided love.
I wrote this many many years ago when I still was into Jpop, more specifically KAT-TUN. It's actually my favorite one-shot that I've written (not that I've written a lot LOL), and I wanted to reshare it with you. The original main was Kamenashi Kazuya, but for this adaptation, it is the one, the only...Kim Junmyeon!

Spoiler: it's not a happy ending, so if it's not your cup of tea, I'm sorry ^^"

Depending on the response/my mood, I may turn it into a short story, so let me know what you think!


Note on Plagiarism: The plot and contents of this story are purely from my imagination. Similar stories are merely coincidental. 


Please don't be a silent reader. Comment! (And/or upvote)! I'd love to hear your thoughts!




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chadael #1
Chapter 2: I cried
Yes, its good if we hape Jun myeon set
kyuyoung20 #2
Chapter 2: Its so sad I want to cry 😭 she must be in so much pain. One sided love always so painful ....
parkshiza #3
Chapter 1: its sad sided love is always sad ...because u know they know about your feelings but they are not reciprocating always hurt
cottonisz #4
Why this story soooo good? I am really curiouss on what junmyeon pov but stilll this story sooi amazing yet sad
Note : this is my almost twenty times reading thissss.....
KeemNoona #5
Chapter 1: This is tragically beautiful. I love how you’ve depicted one sided love and how she chose to find herself again.
againagainagain #6
Chapter 1: I think you've done an excellent job of capturing the dynamics of unrequited love. A lot of it was quite relatable even. The way how our desire clouds our better judgement even when we're more than cognizant of how the desire is causing more pain than any good. The conflict between having all we thought we had ever wanted (ie. the relationship status, the other person's attention, a kiss) but never being able to truly relish in it as there's no heart in those moments, that person is never truly yours in the sense that you have devoted yourself to them. As mentioned, the hardest part is not knowing one should leave but rather fear and pain in knowing, without a doubt, that person wouldn't chase after you.

This character did what many of us can't. She finally walked away and will surely be better for it.
nsky_sy #7
Chapter 1: i've always repeating the same chapter cause this story is so good! if i may ask is there a short continuation or suho pov??
AiiSoo #8
Chapter 1: This story is sad.. but good. I love the style of your writing. I can feel OC’s feelings through the words.
Chapter 1: This is heartbreaking yet beautifully written.. Kinda feel bad for the OC.. She deserves happiness after all this crappy relationship.. Thanks for writing this.. I love the story!