This Thing Called Love

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This thing called love exists all around us.

But what is love?

Love is...

Story Format:
One Shot (for now)

Junmyeon x OC


Angst, Romance, One-sided Love

First Person

Song Inspirations:
"Patawad, Paalam" by Moira Dela Torre & I Belong to the Zoo

Translation: "Forgive, Goodbye"

Hello! So I suddenly had the urge to rewrite one of my very first stories as a single author: This Thing Called Love, which explores the pain of a one-sided love.
I wrote this many many years ago when I still was into Jpop, more specifically KAT-TUN. It's actually my favorite one-shot that I've written (not that I've written a lot LOL), and I wanted to reshare it with you. The original main was Kamenashi Kazuya, but for this adaptation, it is the one, the only...Kim Junmyeon!

Spoiler: it's not a happy ending, so if it's not your cup of tea, I'm sorry ^^"

Depending on the response/my mood, I may turn it into a short story, so let me know what you think!


Note on Plagiarism: The plot and contents of this story are purely from my imagination. Similar stories are merely coincidental. 


Please don't be a silent reader. Comment! (And/or upvote)! I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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