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Bride of the Virtuous readers, which update schedule do you prefer for the next two weeks?

  • Upload ch. 28 now (April 19 or 20) & ch. 29 later (between April 30 - May 2)
  • Upload two chapters (both 28 & 29) later (between April 30 - May 2)

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Heads up! Just in case...

I'm actually moving from quizilla and a personal fanfic blog (His1QueenBee) where I've posted up some of my fanfics from the previous years.
I kept the same username (saranghae45) for plaigarism purposes/ prevent plaigarism claims. ^^"

I just thought I should mention it just in case (:


I'm just a typical writer who likes to jot down all the ideas in her head.
I love love love to know your thoughts, so feel more than welcome to comment! It really helps close the holes that I may have missed and see the plot from a different perspective. :D

Hope you guys like the stories and thanks for reading!

- Saranghae45




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Just your typical writer exploring the world of imagination and losing herself in thoughts.