Beware of the Fox

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When the camera starts rolling, it’s time for some action. The newest hottest lead actress on a television drama with the stage name of Son Wendy is at the peak of her career with a well-known co-star, namely Kim Jennie. The chemistry and ual tension of both actresses are on fire with how their eyes lit up just by single eye contact, making everyone go crazy for them, mentally starting questioning whether they’re really dating or might start dating for real after the show.

However, not everyone is hyping with the current love team — popularly known as Bae Irene is a member of a popular girl group named Black Velvet and is also Seungwan’s girlfriend. Additionally, actress Park Joy is also eyeing the rising actress, wanting to have her act in her upcoming movie.


[a story that knew one asks for. expect the unexpected.]

This content is a work of fiction. None of the events are real nor were the names used are part of it in anyway.

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!🚨May it be my work or other people’s pieces, do not make plagiarism action for your own satisfaction of getting views and such. If you want to make your own story, then write it with your own words, no matter how crappy they may turn out. Everyone improves with practice.
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