The Angel as the Savior

My Silent Guardian Angel
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There are advantages and disadvantages of being friends with Sorim and so far, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages for Seungwan.


Seungwan groans before falling to her mattress, being Sorim’s friend is a lot harder than being her admirer. She stretched out her limbs then threw her side table a quick glance.


It’s freaking 2am in the morning and she just finished a phone call with Sorim because the girl wouldn’t stop crying about what her love, Kang Hangyul, did. There was nothing she could do but offer a shoulder to cry on, a handkerchief and some mature advice. She’s just glad that Sorim trusts her enough to confide in her.


Seungwan groans yet again, her heart bleeds whenever Sorim cries for him.


Why can’t Sorim see her as more than a friend? Why can’t it be her that Sorim falls for?


Seungwan drapes an arm over her eyes.


Will she be able to get some sleep today?


Morning came and Seungwan was only able to get 2 hours of sleep, that’s better than no sleep at all.


Seungwan entered the dining room and was greeted by a sight of her father reading on his iPad while her mother placed food on his plate. She’s thankful that she can still have breakfast with her parents even if they are both busy. “Good morning” she mumbles sleepily.


“Are you okay, sweetie?” her mother asks worriedly. “You look like you haven’t getting enough sleep lately”


That got her father looking up from his device. “Are the teachers in school giving you a hard time?”


“No, appa” Seungwan chuckles. “It’s just exams are coming up then there’s college entrance exams, so I needed to make an extra effort in studying”


Her father nods. “Just don’t push, we don’t want you getting sick”


“I won’t” Seungwan smiles at her mother who is now putting food on her plate. “Thank you, umma”


“Eat up. You need all the nutrients and energy you can get”


“Seungwan” her father put the device down. “I hope you’re considering what I told you”


Seungwan stops eating.


Since their business is expanding, her father thought of setting up a branch in Canada. And if that plan pushes through, he needs to be there to oversee everything. Meaning he’ll stay there for a couple of years, maybe even more. Seungwan is sure her mother will accompany her father which leaves Seungwan. She knows her father will never force her, she can stay in Korea or she can go with them to Canada. Whatever her decision will be, she knows her parents will accept it and respect it.


“I’m still thinking about it”


Her father nods. “There’s no need to rush”








“Hello appa”


“Oh, Seungwan-ah are you there?”


“Yes, I’m already here”


“Okay… um… I’m stuck in traffic but i’m already on way give me about 25 minutes”


“Alright. I’ll wait here. Drive safe”


Seungwan ended the call and decided to wait in the lobby. Her father called her early in the morning to bring a business proposal to SOLE Music, and since it was a Saturday, there’s no reason for her to reject it.




Seungwan stood up and bows to the old man whom she recognize as… “Chairman Yoo”


Seungwan doesn’t really know him personally, they are just acquainted thanks to the very few gatherings Seungwan had attended (because her parents forced her too). They enjoy talking to each other especially if the topic is about their passion, music.


“My secretary told me I have a meeting with a Son at 10 o’clock. Are you that Son?”


Seungwan shakes her head. “I’m just here to deliver appa’s proposal”


“Oh, why?”


“He just got back from a business trip, going back to the house then coming back here would be a hassle and would take too long. he knows you’re a very busy person so he doesn’t want to be late at your meeting”


Chairman Yoo laughs. “Your father is so considerate even if he doesn’t need to be. of course I’ll make time for SOLE Music’s biggest investor”


Seungwan doesn’t know why her father decided to invest in this company when it’s not even in line with their existing ones. It’s a gamble but they can’t bring themselves to oppose his decisions because so far all of her father’s choices are on the right track.


“Appa knows the value of time, Chairman Yoo”


The man nods with a smile on his face. “You know Seungwan. I wouldn’t object to it if in the future you’ll be SOLE Music’s CEO. I see great potential in you, and I just know that this company will thrive under your care”


Seungwan smiles. “Thank you, Chairman Yoo. I appreciate that and don’t worry, I’ll consider it as one of my options”


Just then the current CEO of SOLE Music walks out of the elevator. He immediately spots and approaches Chairman Yoo.


“Ah! CEO Choi, good you’re here. I’d like you to meet, Miss Son”


“The Son Heiress?” Choi looks at Seungwan like she’s some celebrity. “It’s a pleasure to meet you”


“It’s actually Son Seungwan but yea, I’m the Son heiress. pleasure to meet you too, CEO Choi”


They shook hands.


Seungwan thought of a crazy idea. “CEO Choi”




“Would you mind meeting this classmate of mine?” The two men look at her, patiently waiting for what she will say next. “This girl is really good at singing. She will not disappoint”


“What’s her name?” Choi asks.


“Sorim. Yoon Sorim”


Choi smiles. “Let me guess, you study at xxx high school?”


Seungwan furrows her brows. “Uhm… yes? how’d you-”


“A classmate from college told me the same thing during our class reunion” Choi laughs. “I was actually having second thoughts but now that you told me about her. I think I’ll go meet her”


Seungwan beams. “Thank you” Just then her phone rings, she makes a motion and the two gentlemen nods. “Appa?”


“I’m almost at front. Meet me there”


“Okay” Seungwan ended the call. “I’ll go meet appa now. thank you for your time Chairman Yoo, CEO Choi”


Seungwan shakes both of their hands before leaving the premises.


“CEO Choi”


“Yes Chairman?”


“Make sure to meet that girl, Seungwan is talking about” the chairman stated firmly. “That kid has a good ear for music and talent. I trust her completely”


“Yes, sir” Choi bows as the chairman leaves.








Mr. Bong decides to open the room television so they can all watch Sorim, Jinwoo and Kyusun’s first televised appearance.


CEO Choi stayed true to his words. He did meet up with Sorim and the trio ended up becoming a trainee at SOLE Music. But being a trainee means less time for school, meaning she doesn’t see Sorim much these days.


Seungwan’s sight landed on the empty seat of Sorim. At times like this she wonders if she made the right call by asking CEO Choi to meet with Sorim, but when her sight landed on the smaller television where she can see Sorim smiling and singing, all her worries were thrown aside because she knew in her heart, she made the right decision.








Seungwan groans and blindly searches for her phone. “Hello?”




Seungwan sits awake when she hears Sorim’s soft voice on the other line. “What’s wrong Sorim-ah?”


“Can you come get me?”


The clock on her nightstand says 11pm.


Seungwan sighs. “Where are you?”


“I’m at the Han River”


“Okay. I’ll be there in 5 minutes”


Seungwan ended the call and immediately changed her clothes. It’s the fifth time this month that Sorim called her and asked her to fetch her so late at night.


It really did take 5 minutes for Seungwan to get to where Sorim is.


“You shouldn’t be out in this cold in just those thin sweaters” Seungwan took off her jacket and draped them over Sorim’s shoulders. She then took a seat beside her. “What happened?”


“He lied to me” Sorim wiped the tears coming out from her eyes. “Many times”


Seungwan looks up at the starless sky. She doesn’t want to face Sorim because she knows her hand will move on its own to wipe those tears. “Lies and deception run rampant in that kind of field, Sorim-ah, but never let those lies blind you from seeing the real them”


Sorim leans her head on Seungwan’s shoulder. “Thank you, Wannie. You always seem to know the right words to say”


“I don’t”


Sorim gently took Seungan’s hand then intertwined with hers. “I don’t know what I’ll do without you, Seungwannie”


Seungwan smiles. At this very moment she resigned herself to her fate and just accepted the fact that Sorim will never like her that way. She just will herself to be happy that she gets to be friends with Sorim.









“Good morning, Sorim’s grandma” Seungwan greets.


“Oh!” The woman smiles at the younger girl. “Seungwannie?”


Seungwan chuckles. Actually, it’s Seungwan but okay people can call her Seungwannie. “Yes, Seungwannie”


“What brings you here so early in the morning?”


Truthfully, Seungwan was too sleepy to drive back home so she decided to take a quick nap but when she opens her eyes, it was already morning. Then she saw Sorim’s grandmother opening the store and taking the fruits and vegetables out. Sorim’s grandmother looked like she’s having a hard time, Seungwan wanted to help out.


“Mushrooms” Seungwan lies. “My mother told me to buy some mushrooms. Am i too early?”


Sorim’s mother smiles. “There’s never too early in going to the market for some mushrooms, but can you wait for a bit? I just need to take them out”


“I can…” Seungwan stops the older woman. “I can take them out for you”


Sorim’s grandmother shakes her head. “That’s fine, I don’t want to trouble you”


“It’s okay” Seungwan smiles, one foot already inside the store. “Are they here?”


“Just near the fridge”


Sorim’s grandmother thought it was only the mushrooms that Seungwan was going to take out, but the younger ended up taking out the rest of the fruits and vegetables that needed to be taken out. Seungwan even helped set it up. The older woman felt guilty when she saw Seungwan secretly wiping a sweat that had formed on her forehead.


“Thank you” Sorim’s grandmother offered a glass of water to which Seungwan gladly accepted. “I notice you don’t usually do this kinds of things but still thank you for helping me”


Seungwan smiles awkwardly. She thought she was being subtle about her struggles at carrying the things, guess she wasn’t. “I’m glad I can help ma’am”



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