Befriending the Angel

My Silent Guardian Angel
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A blue Mustang Shelby GT500 pulled up at the school’s parking lot. Seungwan stepped out from the luxurious car, taking out her sunglasses before then replacing them with her corrective lens. She moved to the passenger’s seat to take out her backpack.


Seungwan slam the door shut then slings the bag over her right shoulder. She stops on her tracks when she saw her, Yoon Sorim, the girl she has a crushing on since forever. They’re classmates but they never interacted with each other because Seungwan always make sure to keep away. Not that she doesn’t want to talk to her, she just doesn’t trust herself around Sorim.


Seungwan the unreachable elite heiress everyone looks up to but since she’s unreachable, students prefer not to talk to her. And they don’t see her interact much with other students so the stay away from her. It’s a mystery though, why the heiress chooses this simple school instead of a well-known school.




Seungwan halts in front of their room’s door. “Yes?”


The girl gave her an envelop with her head bowed down.


Seungwan knew it’s a confession letter, she receives at least once every day. She sighs and takes the letter. “Thank you” she hates herself for not being able to turn down all the confessions she received. She doesn’t want to hurt the person by turning them down, but she knows she’s hurting them more by not immediately turning them down.


It’s so frustrating.


Seungwan stares at the letter in her hand then look up and her sight landed on Sorim being pretty and smiling while talking with her friends. “Actually, I can’t accept this” the girl who is about to walk away stops on her tracks. “I already like someone. I’m sorry”


The girl smiles. “Keep it, it’s for you anyway. Thank you for being honest with me, Seungwan-ssi”


Seungwan smiles. She wished all her confessors are like this girl. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name”


“It’s Kim Sejeong” Sejeong smiles. “I’ll see you around, Seungwan-ssi”


Seungwan enters the room, and as always everyone is busy talking with their friends, busy enough to ignore her. And that’s okay since it makes being invisible easy for her. She heads straight to the back of the room where her seat is located. She settles on her seat, and like always, her eyes immediately landed on Sorim’s back. She smiles because this is the perfect spot, she can keep an eye on her Sorim at the same time be away from Sorim’s sight.


Their homeroom teacher, Mr. Bong entered the room and instructed them to take out their books.








Sorim has always been curious about this only classmate who she hasn’t talk to even if they are classmates for three years now. Aside from her name which is Son Seungwan and that she’s rich, smart and kind, she doesn’t know anything else. Discovering the kind part was unintentional, Sorim was on her way home from band practice one night when she saw Seungwan walking out of a convenience store. She didn’t mean to follow Seungwan because that was her way home, then she saw Seungwan giving food to the stray cats.


The act of kindness made Sorim smile.


Looking at Seungwan who is silently eating her sandwich, Sorim can only conclude base on what she sees but she really wants to know more about Seungwan if only she can approach her.


“Sorim-ah are you okay?” Kyusun worriedly asks.


“Who are you looking at?” Jinwoo blocked her view of Seungwan. “Ahh, Seungwan?”


“You know her?”


The two looks at her questioningly.


“Why won’t we know her? She’s our classmate” Kyusun asks.


“I mean you talk to her?”


Jinwoo nods. “Sometimes”


“She’s really nice” Kyusun added.


Sorim frowns. So, she’s the only one who hasn’t talked to Seungwan? Her sight shifts back to a student obviously approaching Seungwan. Her frown deepened when the girl handed Seungwan something. “Who’s that?”


Kyusun squints her eyes. “Oh! Park Chaeyoung. She’s a junior and she’s popular. Most of the boys in their year has a crush on her”


“Am I the only one who hasn’t talk to Seungwan-ssi?”


“She doesn’t talk to you?” Jinwoo asks.


Sorim shakes her head.


“Maybe you did something that’s why she doesn’t talk to you” Jinwo shrugs.


I did something? what did I do? Sorim ponders as she stares at Seungwan and Chaeyoung.


Chaeyoung left with a bow, leaving Seungwan alone once again but this time she’s holding a letter and reading it.


Sorim can’t help but stare. Seungwan screams elegance, even from this distance she can see how fair and clear the girl’s skin is, like does she bathe in milk?


“Sorim-ah let’s go” Kyusun taps her shoulders and motioned her to go with them.


Sorim stood up and left with her friends. Only if she looked back before completely walking away then she would’ve seen Seungwan looking at her.








Seungwan was almost in her when her phone started ringning. “Appa?”


“Seungwan-ah are you done with your classes?”


“Yea” Seungwan opened the passenger’s door to place her bag inside.


“Good! Umma and I are on this newly opened restaurant. Do you want to have dinner with us?”


“Sure” Seungwan entered her car. “Where is that?”


“It’s near SOLE Music. You know that place, right?”


“I do. I’ll be here in 20 minutes”


“Alright. Drive safe honey”


Seungwan ended the call then connects her phone to the car’s Bluetooth before maneuvering the car out of the parking space. She immediately steps on the breaks causing to almost kiss the steering wheel, thank god for seatbelts. “Sorim?”


Sorim repeatedly bows at her but she knows the girl can’t see her because her car is heavily tinted. Seungwan chuckles. God! this girl is too cute and too precious. She shakes her head then continue driving once she’s sure that Sorim had successfully and safely crossed the road.


After 20 minutes of driving, Seungwan finally arrived at the restaurant where her parents are.


It was indeed new, not as luxurious and extravagant like those her parents loves to go to, but the food is very delicious. She’ll definitely come back here, that’s for sure.


They walked out of the restaurant with Seungwan walking out first followed by her parents.


“I guess we’ll see you at home?” her mom affectionately fixes Seungwan’s collar then her bangs.


Seungwan nods. 


Her parents’ car pulled up in front of them and it a

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