The Angel Loves Me

My Silent Guardian Angel
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SOLE Music in shambles as scandal after scandal emerged sending their artists’ celebrity status plummeting down.  

Mr. Son arrived at an empty house, sighing loudly as he loosens his tie. “Is Seungwan out?” he asks the maid who approach him to take his luggage.


“She’s in the music room, sir”


He nods. “Thank you”


The maid bows and leaves while he heads to the music room. True enough, he can hear the piano making beautiful music inside the room. He gently opens the door hoping he wouldn’t disturb the pianist. The music Seungwan is producing is indeed beautiful yet sad. He can feel Seungwan’s pain and sadness through those sounds.


The music came to an end, and he knew that’s his cue to speak up.


“New song?”


Seungwan whips her heads towards the door. “Appa”


Mr. Son lifts his hand to stop Seungwan from standing up. He leans on the piano. “It’s been ages since I last saw you enter this room”


Seungwan looks down on the contrasting black and white keys. “I lost the reason to make music”


“Then what was that I heard minutes ago? I haven’t heard that before”


“I don’t know” Seungwan sighs. “I’ve been hearing it in my head for some time now. I thought by playing it I’ll finally forget about it”


“But did you?”


Seungwan shakes her head.


Her father smiles and took a seat beside her. “Maybe because the music isn’t in your head” he pointed at Seungwan’s heart. “It’s in your heart”


Seungwan’s sight is starting to get blurry. “I don’t know what to do, appa” she sniffs. “It hurts”


“Have you considered telling her?”


Seungwan shakes her head again.


“You have to let it out Seungwan or it will consume you” he started to press the keys making music. “If you can’t tell her then try expressing them through what you do best”


What I do best? What do I do best? Seungwan turns to her father. She frowns.


Now that she’s seeing him up close, she finally notices how sunken her father’s eyes are, he lost a little weight, and he looks a little older than the last time she saw him which was yesterday.


“Appa, are you okay?”


“I’m sure you heard the news. You know how everything isn’t looking great for SOLE Music right now”


Seungwan nods. “If this is about the money, appa. Don’t worry about it. We’ll get it back its just money”


He shakes his head. “It’s not about the money Wan, it’s never about the money” he faced his daughter. “Do you know why I invested in that company?” Seungwan shakes her head. “Because of you”




“Our family business isn’t related to something you love. So, when Chairman Yoo talked to me about investing in this company he wants to put up I immediately agrees. Honestly I thought the company will thrive at least until you’re in the right age to handle my spot there as an executive”


Seungwan is loss for words. She’s the reason all along why her father decides to invest in SOLE Music.


“You know, Chairman Yoo started that company with a vision of you taking over in the future” her father smiles. “You impressed the man so much, he wants to give his company to you”


Seungwan looks down. “But I don’t even know what I want to do”


“That’s why I’m only telling you this now. I don’t want these kinds of revelations to mess your decisions for your future. you do what you want because it’s what you want, not what we made for you”


“Will you be angry if I say I don’t want to inherit your business?”


“No” he affectionately pats his daughter’s head. “I told you, do what you want because I know you’ll be excellent in whatever it is”


“Thank you for understanding, appa”


“Of course, that’s what parents do” He smiles before standing up. he’s already halfway out of the door when he looks back at Seungwan. “Before I forget, President Yoo fired CEO Choi and is considering shutting down SOLE Music”


Seungwan furrows her brows. “What?”








//Graduation Day//


“Congratulations Seungwan-ah” Seungwan’s mother gave her a big hug.


“Congratulations” her father hugged her tightly.


“Thank you appa, umma” Seungwan smiles at her parents before looking at her surroundings. She saw them before the ceremony started but it seems that they immediately left. her sight landed on a familiar woman. “Grandma!”


“Seungwannie!” Sorim’s grandmother hugged her. “Congratulations”


Seungwan beams. “Ah grandma, these are my parents. Umma, appa, grandma owns the vegetables and fruits I always bring home”


“Really?” Seungwan’s mother beams. “Seungwan only brings home the vegetables, she always finishes the fruits on her way home”


“Next time I’ll make sure to give her more fruits so she can share with you”


Mr. Bong arrived then took Seungwan away to which her parents permitted.


“I hope our Seungwan isn’t bothering you” Seungwan’s father spoke, they all look at Seungwan talking and joking with her homeroom teacher. “She can be a bit bothersome at times, especially when she talks”


Sorim’s grandmother shakes her head. “She’s an absolute angel, you both raise her well”


Seungwan’s mother sadly smiles. “Actually, Seungwan raised herself. Being in a family where both parents are working, Seungwan spend most of her time alone but we make sure to be there for her during special days like this, to make up for the everyday that we’re not around”


“Parents shows their love in different ways”


They watch Seungwan skips happily back to them


“Grandma, you want to have lunch with us?”


“I can’t. I have to get back to the shop” Sorim’s grandmother smile, rubbing Seungwan’s arm affectionately. “Maybe next time, Seungwan-ah”


No one notice the brief flash of sadness in Seungwan’s eyes, but her father did.


After that little talk with Sorim’s grandmother, Seungwan became silent. she would smile and hold small talks but that was it, the happiness slips away. Seungwan, with her parents, are walking to her parents’ car but the youngest Son is still silent.


“I don’t understand why you still insist on bringing your car when you could’ve ride with us” her father shakes his head.


Seungwan was about to answer him but then she saw Sorim’s grandmother walking out of the school gates alone. “Umma, appa” she faces her parents. “Can we have dinner instead of lunch?”


Her mother smiles. “Of course” she fixes Seungwan’s fringes


“Thank you umma”


Seungwan was about to run off to her car but her father stops her.


“If it will hurt you reconsider”


Seungwan smiles. “You know it’ll hurt me either way, appa”


“Be home for dinner okay? I’ll cook” her mother said before Seungwan run off. She turns to her husband then place her hand over his chest. “She knows what she’s doing, she always has. Don’t worry” he smiles then opens the door for his wife.









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