How To Cheer On Huang Hendery

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Happy Virus Huang Hendery being upset?

Xiao De Jun just knows how to lift his spirits.



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Bangtanboys1952 #1
Chapter 2: So cute!
Chapter 2: Aww, I actually previewed this one before, but apparently forgot to comment, sorry :( So, first of all, WHY IS THIS SO CUTE AND ADORABLE AND FLUFFY?? There are not many stories on Xiao and Hendery, so I'm so glad to read this one and also, author, continue it, please! I need some more content and overload with cuteness :)) Thanks for writing it again <3
Chapter 2: Are you sure you want syrup in your sheets?!?! Well if you want the ants to join you lols

Dejun is soooo sweet and just perfect for hendery especially since he is so.perceptive
Chapter 1: This was honestly so sweet! It literally brought a smile to my face. I love how the length didn't stop you from giving them distinct personalities, which made the story a really enjoyable read. I'm literally like Hendery, I can't stand having free time bc I get bored easily. So this story was the perfect way to spend my time :) thank you!

Also 'for life' is honestly such a beautiful song and the fact that you included it in the second chapter, 100/10 :))

And the poster is super cute! That's one of my favourite pics of Hendery :)
Chapter 1: That was fluffy. and sweet. I liked how Xiaojun knows how to take care of Hendery whatever mood he is in
78 streak #6
Chapter 1: Aw, this was cute. OTL, I've been looking for some good fics with Hendery heh.
Chapter 1: awww, that was so cute <3 just adorable and i can't wait for more! If snuggles and kisses are the first step, then i wonder what's gonna happen next haha