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How To Cheer On Huang Hendery
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A tired scoff was what surprised Xiaojun the most. The dino looking boy just turned his gaze from his screen to look at the tired figure standing by the doorway.

The next thing that had surprised Xiaojun was that the person standing there had his arms crossed in front of his chest as he looked with a mixture of annoyance and a bored look on his phone. 

Xiaojun’s eyebrow immediately rose up in surprise and confusion, he looked at Hendery who never wore such a negative expression ever before on his face.

What had gotten into Huang Hendery? 

Hendery just leaned his tired frame against the doorway of Xiaojun’s bedroom, backpack still slung over his shoulders and with a look on his face that was just saying one thing and only one thing which was ‘whatever’ which was followed with a roll of his eyes and another sigh that escaped his lips. 

A tired one that rings alarm bells in Xiaojun’s head.

Hendery loves schedules. Loves being busy and jumping from job to job. It's a sentiment they both shared. Being stretched so thin by time was barely a concept felt good . Being constantly on the move was great.

But because of how their groups were, WayV members had not much schedules. But there were exceptions like Ten and Lucas being in SuperM and Hendery was happy for them, everyone were. Although they come back from their schedules completely exhausted and could barely move, they were happy about it.

But Hendery was envious of that.

He even started to doubt his talents but the fans were always there to show him that he was wrong to believe that. He was confident in his talents because afterall he got accepted into SM.

During ‘NCT 2020’ both of them had the superb opportunity of working with the other NCT members to create many wonderful songs and showcase what he could really do. Right now they had their schedules for the next year which was just sent to them which Xiaojun guessed that was what Hendery might be looking at. 

Which might be once again, nothing much as usual. Months without doing anything, some might think it might be a dream but not for him. He wanted to work and to be active.

That was something all WayV members knew about.

It was a surprise that Hendery scoffed at it, exasperated at the new packed two-months schedule their manager sent them. Hendery was tired, then, and Xiaojun didn't notice, and felt subsequently bad about it.

Hendery shuffled inside Xiaojun’s room, threw his backpack by Xiaojun’s feet with strictly more force than necessary and it made Xiaojun to wince internally. Huang Hendery was pissed. It was a sight no one has ever seen before which raised lots of concern inside of him.

Bad mood so apparent Xiaojun wondered how he missed it. 

Hendery shifted on his feet for a while, before looking up at Xiaojun, his lips still pursed in annoyance and Xiaojun finds it to be a justifiable excuse to lean forward and kiss it off his face.

Hendery made a noise of surprise. 

A cut off "Gege-" that never got fully manifests because Xiaojun is pushing him back onto the bed. Xiaojun covered his body with his own. Cradling his jaw with the palm of his hand and pressing his lips onto Hendery’s insistently. Their mouths move against each other's. 

Familiar and electric. 

Xiaojun’s need to do something to cheer Hendery up as something seems to burn steadily inside his belly. By the time Xiaojun had Hendery lying flat on his back and caged against the bed, Hendery had his arms slung around Xiaojun’s neck. 

His mood turned sour to now being distracted. 

Xiaojun counts it as his first win.

He stared at Xiaojun in a daze, mouth slightly parted and eyes wide and black with the contacts still in place, "What was that for?"

Xiaojun smiled, catches some of Hendery’s hair between his fingers and plays with the rough strands. "You were pouting," he replied.

Hendery’s response to that was to frown. Made all the more adorable with how much it looked like a pout,  "I was not.”

"You were," Xiaojun grins with a sigh chuckle that escaped his lips, "You are."

He's doing it again. Pursing his lips and furrowing his brows. It's adorable. Of course it's adorable. But with the way Hendery’s bottom lip is slightly swollen, red and shiny with spit. It's not a sight entirely holy, is what Xiaojun was thinking, and Xiaojun is really committed to distracting Hendery now. 

He lets his hand t

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