The First Picture

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Xiaojun is a shy and introverted photographer, he has no idea that by going to photograph the river just before a storm, he would come across the most handsome man he has ever seen.


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Chapter 1: Wow. All I can say is wow. The way this is written? Magnificent! Just the flow of the fic is enough for me to get hooked! The imagery and everything, goodness, it was so good! Thank you for sharing such beautifu piece. Kudos!
Chapter 1: Omg! This was soooooo good!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

I don’t usually read wayv fics much but you’ve got me hooked! What a masterpiece<3
Chapter 1: OH DUUUDE, okay how should I start... First of all, it was beautiful!! Magnificent <3 I love how you wrote it in a way with 'clicks' the guy's inner thoughts - that was soooo nice! Also, I didn't quite understand, why was he so wary of people? Have he had a bad experience with them before? Or maybe something happened to him? Also, Xiaojun seems so friendly and he gave him his number right away like damn boy that's the way to go hahaha. Anyway, I love it, thank you for this work, it's quite a rare pairing to see on aff, so I'm very thankful <3 Pharaoh is the best, as always!