#2 Distraction Pancakes & Syrups

How To Cheer On Huang Hendery
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The Next Morning…..

The winter months was a weather that everyone in the WayV dorm just adored because it was the best occasion for the couples of the dorm to just have lazy mornings by snuggling and cuddling with each other. Under his blankets, it was warm enough for Hendery, and the mere thought of going to work pissed him off. 


Because what work was he even thinking about? 


He had no schedules for about a week, maybe just more than a week.


Maybe if SM starts to see his real potential but he sighed and didn't want to ruin his mornings. He was well aware of the mistreatments of the chinese members by SM but what could he do? He just has to give his everything until they finally decide to do something, he thought, deepening under the blankets. 


He sighed and put his head outside the blankets. He already hated it. 


Ten and Lucas were already gone since yesterday due to their schedules with SuperM, Kun and YangYang was with the producers of SM helping for NCT new songs while WinWin has finally been casted in a drama and was starting shooting immediately. And Xiaojun seemed to be off for the week just like him, which somewhat made a light smile appear on his lips at the thought of that. 


His smile widened more as he felt someone wrapping their arms around his body and dragging him closer to the warmth embrace. He just snuggled in closer with a slight groan, within this embrace he always felt like he was underwater, that safe feeling where everything is calm and quiet. Xiaojun’s hand flexed where it rested on top of Hendery’s shoulder, and he felt himself smile drowsily when Xiaojun rubbed his nose against his in an Eskimo kiss. Their foreheads were warm from each other's body heat and Xiaojun’s fingers were lax, while they were resting around Hendery’s wrist.


As Hendery started to slowly emerge from the haze of a good night’s sleep, his first positive thought of the day was on how soft and comfortable Xiaojun’s sheets were. He slowly ran his bare legs against them and let out a low, barely-audible hum. Hendery stretched his legs all the way down to his toes.


It felt good, but also made her very aware of a certain soreness.  He thought briefly on the events last night that had caused his body such delightful distress and just smirked. 


Warm. Incredibly, wonderfully . Hendery rubs his face into xIAOJUN's rumpled hair and snuffles behind his ear, which earns him a sleepy-pleased sound from Xiaojun. He's awake enough to know that doing it again will get him another similar reaction, so Hendery presses his nose into that small, snug place behind his ear and nuzzles affectionately.


Xiojun then reluctantly removed himself from Hendery’s warmth and the latter just responded to this action with a light pout which made Xiaojun to grinned happily which in return made Hendery’s heart to flutter at this ethereal sight in front of him.


“How about I make some pancakes for you. I know I’m not as good as Kun but I think I can manage.”


Hendery dressed himself up in an oversized hoodie that unintentionally exposed his left shoulder and some black ripped jeans. His hair was all ruffled up but since he got no schedules for the day, no heck for the whole damn week, he just didn't care. He looked over at Xiaojun expecting him to put on his favourite shirt that he usually wore on his lazy days but he didn't. 


Instead, he wore some black jeans followed by a white shirt and a blue blazer along with his rings and necklace. Hendery frowned, “You’re going somewhere later?”


Xiaojun just nodded, “They had called me and told me about a New Year special on our YouTube channel. I asked them if I could do it and post about it and they accepted it so yeah….” 


The smile that Hendery has been wearing just dropped, he had been asking and requesting SM non stop whether he could post about the rap tracks that he himself have written and composed for months already. But they kept on rejecting him, “I see….” His voice slowly trailed as he just sat down on the chair in the kitchen, “I am glad for you…” Xiaojun wasn't deaf to the annoyed tone that underlined his voice but he just kept quiet, he understood Hendery. 


Hendery saw the slight frown that lied on his eyebrow as he kept his mouth in a straight line.


Hendery just let a sigh escape his lips, he just put his feet on the chair and hugged them looking away from Xiaojun, “I don't know what’s wrong with me okay…” His gaze shifted to the man standing near the stove then drifted away, “I’m just really tired.” 


“Hendery…..” His voice trailed, no matter what he

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