Christmas Cards


Renjun was adamant about getting their pictures taken for the Christmas cards. Jeno and Jaemin just couldn't understand but decided to humor him anyway.




"What are we going to dress up as for our Christmas cards?"

"Christmas cards?"

"Dress up?"

Renjun looked at his boyfriends' confused faces and snorted, "I can't believe you thought I'd let our third Christmas together pass by with just my crafts again. You two need to step up and share the responsibility, and this time we're taking Christmas themed pictures at the mall!"


A/N: aka my last year's Christmas drabble I decided to finally post, yay! I know it's a bit late and the year's about to change, but you know... I didn't want to wait for a whole year again to finally post it (like what happened to my kyuwook Christmas one-shot again sob T-T) Anyway! Hope you enjoy my little Christmas themed norenmin one-shot ♡

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