This thing called fate

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You don't meet people by accident.

And nothing in life happens by coincidence.

They are meant to cross our path for a reason

because there is this thing called


Seokjin and Namjoon were never supposed to meet, definitely not the way they did, and then fate happened, and changed their lives forever.









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 ​​​​​​Hello everyone!! Long time no see!!

Oh god, you guys have no idea just how much I missed posting fan fiction and hearing about it from all you guys, but alas, here I am. 

Ok, coming to the story, this is a very cliché angsty drama that I actually haven't planned on writing. It's all thanks to my brain that supplied me with this story in my dreams. Yes, this was a dream I had a while ago ( with me and my ultimate crush, Kim Kai as main leads). I was so impressed with my brain's creativity that I thought I have to write it down, with few extra sparkles added on my own, and I, of course, being the hardcore shipper that I am, just couldn't write straight romance. 

So, Namjin happened.

Namjin just fell into this so naturally, I have been thinking of writing namjin for a while cause frankly, it's unfair how few FF exist with namjin as main leads and not just the obvious parents like couple in the background.

And angsty stuff, rarest of the rarest. 

So here you go, an angsty Namjin oneshot for you ers. 













I hope you guys know the basics of the omegavers so I will not tell them. I am just going to tell you the rules that apply to my story.

# A bond between alpha and omega is sacred, and an omega without a matting mark is looked down upon.

# All of them manifest into these sub-genders when there reach 18 yrs of age

#There are certain mutations that produce the rarest forms of wolves.

 I am not going to go all medico on you with this explanation but I will try to explain as simple as I can

When an alpha gets an extra alpha gene, they manifest into the rarest form of a wolf, the dominant alpha. 

They are basically on top of regular alpha's. the kings.

and then there are recessive omegas

they happen when they lack an omega gene, making them look more like a beta and less of an omega,

a reason why they are looked down upon as the inferior most class of the hierarchy.




That's itPlease vote, subscribe, and comment. I do not own Bts..(How I wish I can own them) but I own the characters that I created.

If this story resembles any other story it’s just pure coincidence.

Blame my brain, not me

 I don’t do plagiarism and nobody should do mine.

Happy reading..!!! 

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Shinee2020 #1
Chapter 1: This was so sad... I felt so bad for Seokjin. Always alone, reject from all... and having to go through pregnancy of twin as an recessive omega on in own... He was way to nice to Namjoon. Forgiving him way to easily. So lucky to have Manager Sejin looking out for him. Very good story, since it made me tear up a bit.