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Place for all Exo oneshots, imagines, etc

Might add some other groups at a later time.

Requests are are also open.


If you have a request you'd like or an Idea for prompts feel free to let me know!❤🖤


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Chapter 5: Chanyeol's fic was one of my favorites, don't get me wrong, I loved the previous ones as well, but Chanyeol is my bias! *chuckles* I loved the whole concept of it!
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Chapter 4: A lovely story with a lovely ending! I loved it! <3
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Chapter 3: This was really emotional and it literally brought tears to my eyes. It does have a personal feeling and I just loved it!

Thank you for sharing this one!
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Chapter 2: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

Another great chapter! I really love the emotions that were put into this especially Baekhyun's part. The ending though got me on my edge!

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Chapter 1: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

Aww, this was a truly adorable part! Kyungsoo is really supportive and nice and I love how he showed it toward the latter! Ah, it's not easy being an idol and there are a lot of worries going on in their mind, especially when it comes to fans. But in the end, everything turned out well!

Thank you for this one! Can't wait to read the others!

woww ive just had a skim though some of them and they sound really good!!! looking forward to reading them properly :D
Mistycal #7
Hii not sure if u'll see this soon, but i'd like to request a suho-kyungsoo hurt/comfort fic. Just them listening to each other and talking about their lives. In the feels for a deep story. Thank you if you consider this :)
Mistycal #8
Chapter 1: I didn't even dare to finish reading this cuz I didn't feel like crying while thinking about our boys again. But good work here, keep it up!! :)
Chapter 4: This took me for a ride. I usually dont have so many emotions reading series let alone one shots. My heart was racing towards the end so good!