1: Death Likes Pickles

Courting Death
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                                                                                                                             Chapter 1 
“Oh Come on, i can’t be that bad. There’s no way you can be death.” Lewis said. 
     This entire blind date was his parents idea. There was this random girl sitting across from him, his 5th date of the week. She was pretty enough, looked smart, only she was claiming she was death. She must be crazy. 
Seleah looked around, the tea house was a nice place for a blind date. She didn’t understand why Lewis’s parents even suggested their oldest for her to date. They had 3 other eligible sons. It would be the last time she bet against her friends.
   “I am death. What parent’s would knowingly set their child up to court death?” 
Seleah asked honestly. Lewis shrugged, “Mine have a great sense of humor. So ‘death’ can you tell when people are going to die? Like how does it work? Or do you just pick random people to kill?” 
     “Firstly, no one is killed on random. Their death may seem random to you, but it was planned for me. So that answers all the questions you just asked. My turn. Why do your parents need to set you up on a blind date? You certainly look capable of finding women to date.” She asked. Lewis smirked. 
       “Well i’ve been busy. Working. Hanging out with my boys. Traveling. You know the usual things 33 year old men do. I have all the time in the world to date.” Lewis said, swirling the tea in his cup.
“The women you date don’t have all the time in the world.” Seleah said simply. Lewis chuckled, “Wait what do you mean? Yes they do.” 
      “No. They don’t have all the time in the world to have children. Our time is limited.” Seleah said flagging the server down for more hot water.
Lewis winced, “Yeah, i guess you’re right. However, i’m not the only boy in my family so they can get kids from one of my other brothers.” He said shifting uncomfortably. 
    “Well you’re the first born so...you first.” Seleah stated.
Lewis looked at her. “Do you want kids? Wait can death procreate? How does that work?”
       “I’m honestly over talking about this.I might be death but i am still a woman. Plus why do you care? You don’t believe i’m death anyway right?” 
Lewis gave her a wry smile. “You’re right. Prove it.”
Seleah gave him a long stare and rolled her eyes. “I don’t have to prove anything to you.”
        “Why didn’t you just tell them you’re uninterested if this is how you were gonna handle it? You don’t need to make things up if you didn’t want to this.” Lewis said losing his temper. 
“Well then feel free to leave. I won’t keep you, just tell your parents you’re not ok with this arrangement. I’ve got better things to do anyway.” Seleah said, grabbing her black raincoat and heading for the door.
      Lewis watched her walk away from the restaurant. He grabbed his keys and decided to follow her. He watched as she ducked into an alley. Lewis watched from the corner. There was a homeless man sitting on flatted cardboard, leaning against a dumpster. Seleah stuck out her hand and the homeless gently grabbed it. Lewis saw the man’s body go lifeless and slump to the side. Seleah sighed and turned around. Lewis stepped out from the corner of the building and stepped in her way. 
                  “Holy . You really are death.” He said.  
“We need to get out of here, move!” Seleah said eagerly pushing past him. 
 He snagged her arm and followed quickly behind her. 
                     “Get out of here. Go home. Tell your parents to change the arrangement.” She said sprinting away from him. 
Lewis knew better than to follow a woman who clearly didn’t want to be bothered by him. He crossed the street and watched Seleah disappear from his sight. He sighed and headed back towards his car. He shuffled his way up his parent’s front steps and through the front door. His mother gaily strode towards him, her blonde hair flowing behind her. 
     “Tell me all about your date.” She told her son who was face down into the cushions on the couch.
“There’s nothing to tell, can you just...pick a different girl?” Lewis asked quietly.
      “No.” A voice said from the kitchen. “You will continue to date her. She’ll be good for you.” Lewis’s father said. 
Lewis groaned. “But she’s crazy dad.” 
      “Great. She perfect for you then. All the normal women you date are usually tarts. Date a smart woman who isn’t look oriented.” His father said.
“Don’t call her ugly. How rude dear.” Lewis’s mother murmured to her husband.
      “Oh you know what i meant!” He said excusing himself from the room. 
Jo patted her son on his , “Get up. Go home. Call your

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